(Fiscal Year 2023)
CHEMICAL CORPS MISSION  (what we do across the regiment) 
The The Chemical Corps conducts operation to protect the force and the nation from WMD/CBRN threats and hazards.
VISION (what we are for and where we are going)
We lead, inspire and care for our people as we develop skilled CBRN leaders and drive change in order to win in every operation.
OUR CORE FUNCTIONS (how we enable the force)
Our focus for FY23 remains on developing people first and modernization. To accomplish our goals, we must develop specific capabilities across the doctrine, organization, training, materiel, leadership and education, personnel, and facilities (DOTMLPF) domains that will ensure survivability and enable freedom of action in large-scale combat and multi-domain operations against near-peer threats in a complex CBRN environment. Modernization objectives will set conditions for mission success for the Army 2030 force and beyond, utilizing our three core functions: Assess, Protect, and Mitigate with an end state of providing capability which allows commanders to retain freedom of action in a CBRN environment.
OUR CORE CAPABILITIES (our unique tools and skills)
The Core Capabilities remain steadfast in what we do. We must be able to advise Commanders regarding CBRN Defense and CWMD Missions and provide CBRN assessments in a variety of situations. Reconnaissance and Surveillance are our tools in providing the CBRN threat picture to the Commander. Once that threat is defined, contamination mitigation must be utilized to protect the force.
U.S. ARMY CBRN SCHOOL MISSION (what we do through the CBRN School)
The USACBRNS trains Joint and International service members; develops leaders; supports training in units, develops Multi-Service and Army doctrine; builds the future CBRN force; and is the Joint combat developer for the Joint Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Defense program.
FY23 PRIORITIES (our focused emphasis)
"Winning matters" as the 40th Chief of Staff of the Army proclaims. This declaration holds true for any environment, to include large scale ground combat operations and multi-domain operations. In FY23, we will place emphasis on People First and Modernization through creating options and solutions across DOTMLPF that will ensure survivability and enable freedom of actions in a complex CBRN environment. We continue to implement assessments to measure knowledge and skills and focus on Talent Management as we develop leaders. We will modernize our force and drive change focusing on Contamination Mitigation to set the conditions for mission success for the Aimpoint Force of 2035 and beyond.
Care for our people (personal and professional growth): sexual assault prevention, suicide prevention and equality; Train Soldiers, units and staffs; Develop Leaders; Posture/Modernize CBRN defense capabilities (drive change).
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