Distinguished Member of the Corps



Mr. Greg Frank


Mr. Greg Frank served as a chemist for the Chemical Laboratory Division at Dugway Proving Ground from 1984 to 1985. He directed and performed chemical studies and developed procedures for chemical testing and analysis utilizing modern analytical instrumentation. During this period his primary work focus was with Chemical Warfare Agents.


From 1985 until he departed from the service, Mr. Frank served as Project and Test Officer for the Chemical and Biological Defense Branch at Dugway Proving Ground. He developed detailed material Test Plans, Test Operational Plans, and ensured that tests were conducted in a timely manner and in accordance with standard operating procedures so that data collection, correlation, and reductions were accurate and complete. While serving as Test Officer, he worked on the M1 Tank Program, Binary Chemical Munition Program, the evaluations of German C-8 Emulsion as a decontaminate, and the F-16.


Mr. Frank joined Battelle Memorial Institute in 1985 as a Project Manager and Principle Investigator where he managed both the technical and financial aspects of numerous projects in the areas of Chemical and Biological Defense.


Today, Mr. Frank currently serves as the Executive Vice President for Battelle Science and Technology International and is responsible for over 5,000 scientists, engineers, and supporting staff who are developing products, providing services, and solving problems for federal, state, and local governments and for commercial and international businesses.