ATRRS Course Number: 4K-740A
*** The Chemical Defense Training Facility (CDTF) is a requirement for CBRN WOBC students. Ensure to read the CDTF Student Prep Memo and come prepared to execute as this is a graduation requirement. Click here for more information ***
Purpose: To train newly commissioned CBRN Warrant Officers in basic military skills and to prepare them for initial assignment as CBRN Company technicians, Career Management Field (CMF): Chemical Warrant Officer (WO740A).
Scope: This course serves as the preparatory course for newly appointed CBRN Warrant Officers to serve as Technicians at the Company and Battalion level. Upon completion, graduates will receive advanced training on organizational CBRN equipment and systems to include advanced diagnostics and troubleshooting procedures. Additionally, they will be given the ability to liaise with maintenance providers and acquisitions representatives to improve CBRN equipment/system readiness across the force. They will also learn CBRN staff functions and operations, administrative procedures, organizational and personnel management, logistics operations, Battalion level deliberate planning, radiation fundamentals, CBRN reconnaissance operations, decontamination operations, CBRN protection, as well as how to advise the Commander on CBRN collective training at the platoon, squad, and team level.
Prerequisites: Active Component or Reserve Component Warrant Officers assigned or under orders to a CBRN Company and who have attended and graduated from WOCS.


ATRRS Course Number: 4-3-C32-740A

Purpose: To provide field grade CBRN Warrant Officers the technical skills and knowledge to perform the duties and responsibilities required of CBRN Warrant Officers serving on staffs from Brigade through Corps. Course completion is required for branch qualification. Career Management Field (CMF): Chemical Warrant Officer (WO740A).


Scope: This course serves to further develop and reinforce CBRN Warrant Officers with the skills and knowledge in the areas of leadership, training management, written and oral communications, operations (fundamentals and doctrine), staff procedures, CBRN defense (fundamentals and doctrine), advanced radiological safety, emerging technology/acquisition process, CBRN digital systems, hazard predictions, and threat doctrine and capabilities (to include current threat).


Prerequisites: Warrant Officers, assigned a primary specialty/mission of 740A. A secret security clearance level is required. Meeting height and weight standards is a requirement for enrollment. Students (includes Marines) will take and must pass the APFT within 72 hours of enrollment to remain in the course. Soldiers with a temporary profile cannot enroll in the course. Active Army and AGR personnel over age 40 must complete medical screening at their local installation before attending this course. These students will hand carry a copy of their medical screen report.