ATRRS Course Number: 4-3-C22

Complete the below assessment 60 days prior to attendance

*** The Chemical Defense Training Facility (CDTF) is a requirement for CBRN C3 students. Ensure to read the CDTF Student Prep Memo and come prepared to execute as this is a graduation requirement. Click here for more information ***
Purpose: To provide company grade CBRN Officers the technical skills and knowledge to perform the duties and responsibilities required of company commanders and brigade level staff CBRN Officers. This instruction is both externally and internally directed. Course completion is required for branch qualification.
Scope: To further develop and reinforce CBRN Officers with the skills and knowledge in the areas of leadership, training management, written and oral communications, Army Operations (fundamentals and doctrine), staff procedures, CBRN defense (fundamentals and doctrine), decontamination, reconnaissance, Basic Radiological Safety, HAZMAT response, Counter-WMD, consequence management and threat doctrine and capabilities (to include current threat).
Prerequisites: Active, Reserve, or National Guard component; U.S. and foreign, commissioned Officers in the rank of first lieutenant promotable and above, and assigned a primary specialty/mission of AOC74A. A secret security clearance level is required. Soldiers must meet requirements outlined in AR 350-1. Meeting height and weight standards is a requirement for enrollment. Soldiers with a temporary profile cannot attend the course. Active Army and AGR personnel over age 40 must complete medical screening at their local installation before attending this course. These students will hand carry a copy of their medical screening report. USA Officers incur a one-year service obligation upon course completion.
Special Information: Completion of toxic agent training provided at the Chemical Defense Training Facility (CDTF) is required for all students. The Commandant is the only person authorized to waive this requirement (for US and Country LNO for IMS) based on justifiable circumstances addressed on a case-by-case basis. All students are required to arrive with medical records and optical inserts, if necessary, IAW AR 40-63. Student may acquire optical inserts once enrolled in the course. American Council on Education: In its August 2016 report, the American Council on Education (ACE) Military Programs Evaluation recommended the USACBRNS CBRN C3 Course earn the following: In the lower-division baccalaureate/associate degree category: 3 semester hours in Emergency Management; 3 in chemical and biological hazards, 1 in hazardous materials, and 1 in introduction to radiological hazards. In the upper-division baccalaureate category: 3 semester hours in operations management and 3 in leadership. Webster University offers CBRN C3 students’ academic credit for a Master's Degree in Environmental Management. Students completing the course submit their Form 1059 for earning credit.
Foreign Disclosure: The course developer in coordination with the USACBRNS foreign disclosure authority reviewed the materials contained in this CMP and this course. Restrictions on some components of this course may not be releasable to students from foreign military schools/countries.