Distinguished Member of the Corps



Mrs. Jo Johnston


Mrs. Jo Johnston has for many years devoted her musical talent, time and energy to the U.S. Army. Her unique participation has come to fruition with the composition of three Army branch songs. The first was “Above the Best”, the national theme song for the U.S. Army Aviation Corps; second, was “Dragon Soldiers” for the U.S. Army Chemical Corps and the third, “Essayons” for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.


It was Mrs. Johnston’s realization that our Soldiers needed a positive image, and she believed she could provide it in song. Though offered much in return for her service, she felt the honor from making these songs was sufficient. Since its adoption as the official theme of the Chemical Corps, “Dragon Soldiers” has been sung by hundreds of thousands of Soldiers and civilians, and its messages of pride and determination still holds true in the 21st century.