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Colonel Billy G. Cook


Colonel Billy G. Cook graduated from Henderson State University in Arkansas in 1957 and was the first ROTC cadet from that school to be commissioned in the Chemical Corps.


Choosing the Infantry for his combat arms detail, Colonel Cook served in Germany where he had company command as a lieutenant. His assignments included Assistant Division Chemical Officer with the 1st Cavalry Division in Vietnam, Chemical Officer for the 5th and 6th Infantry Divisions and Chief of the Nuclear and Chemical Division for the U.S. Army, Europe.


Colonel Cook was also assigned to the Military Personnel Center in 1975 where he was told to complete the work on disestablishing the Chemical Corps. Largely due to his efforts, however, the Corps not only survived, but the U.S. Army decided to invest in its revitalization.


Retiring in 1984, Colonel Billy G. Cook remained a staunch and vocal supporter of the Corps.


Colonel Billy G. Cook passed away in 2018.