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Mr. Randolph Monro


Mr. Randolph Monro was born in California in 1890 and entered Federal Service with the Quartermaster Corps in 1914.


During World War I, Mr. Monro was assigned to the Gas Mask Production Division, Gas Service in 1918 where he developed the Kops Tissot Monro (KTM) Model 1919 Mask. He was discharged as a 1st Lieutenant in 1919, and after working in New York, became a gas mask designer at Edgewood Arsenal in 1923 where he worked for 35 years.


Mr. Monro developed new principles of gas mask construction and received a number of patents for his work. He developed many of the protective masks used by U.S. forces in World War II.


Mr. Randolph Monro passed away in 1954.