Distinguished Member of the Corps



Dr. John W. Scully


Throughout his many years of service, Dr John W. Scully has been a strong leader, an effective mentor and a champion for military personnel. He has a M.S. and PhD in physics from Georgetown University.


Dr. Scully’s career in support of the military began in 1967 at the U.S. Army Night Vision Laboratory. There, he contributed to the Manportable Common Thermal Night Sight Program and the TOW and DRAGON missile sights programs.


In 1980, Dr Scully was asked to come to the Chemical School to help reestablish the Directorate of Combat Development. He served as Deputy Chief, Material Systems Division, and was the principle Directorate technical advisor of NBC Tech Base programs. He played a critical role in developing the requirements for Protective masks and suits, multi-spectral smoke requirements and standoff detection for Chemical and Biological detectors.


Dr Scully remains a critical part of the Joint CBRN program by focusing the Science and technology community on the needs of military personnel.