Distinguished Member of the Corps



Colonel Roy D. Williams II


Colonel Roy D. Williams, II was born in Atlanta, Georgia. He earned a BS in biology from North Georgia College and a MS in guidance and counseling from Jacksonville State University.


Colonel Williams served on active duty in the U.S. Army from 1965 to 1980. He then went on to serve in the Army Reserves. In 1980, he served as Education Specialist, Chief of Analysis and Design, and Chief of Standardization and Analysis at the U.S. Army Chemical School. He became Director of Evaluation and Standardization in 1988. Under his direction, new selection criteria for Service School instructors was implemented and common core training was refined.


Colonel Williams also led support to ROTC which resulted in a major revision of this training. He is responsible for the final review and approval of all quality assurance products and processes for USACMLS products to include Doctrine, Organization Structure, Training, Materiel Systems and Leader Development.


His dedication and significant contributions to the Chemical Corps are of the highest standards and deserving of recognition.