Distinguished Member of the Corps



Lieutenant Colonel Edward S. Draper


Lieutenant Colonel Edward Stanley Draper was born 26 September 1940, and joined the Army on 10 Oct 1963. Through a distinguished military and civilian career spanning over 30 years, he contributed significantly to the National Defense and Homeland Security of the United States, as a warrior and a scientist – both military and civilian. 


Results of Lieutenant Colonel Draper’s work on the Combined Arms in a Chemical/Nuclear Environment (CANE) Program in the 1980s, still influence military operations, training and doctrine today. CANE provided the first and only operational analyzed and evaluated data that showed the impact of the chemical/nuclear environment on mission performance of combat units and their support slice. CANE produced more than 60 Corrective Action Management Plans that addressed and corrected deficiencies across all domains and TRADOC Mission Areas.


Upon his retirement, Lieutenant Colonel Draper was hired as Program Manager for the CANE support contractor, ORI, in Anniston, Alabama.


Lieutenant Colonel Edward Stanley Draper passed away on 8 July 2006.