Distinguished Member of the Corps



Command Sergeant Major Donald Moten


Command Sergeant Major Donald Moten entered active duty at Fort Benning, Georgia as an infantryman after receiving his Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from the University of Oregon. He holds a Master’s Degree from Webster University.


Command Sergeant Major Moten has an extensive background in CBRNE defense and served for over 31 years in U.S. Army units designed to detect and protect Soldiers from the effects of chemical and biological agents. He has had unique assignments, from serving as the Sergeant Major, Command Sergeant Major for the U.S. Forces Korea Material Support Center to Command Sergeant Major for the Guardian Brigade that later became the 20th CBRNE Command.


In retirement, Command Sergeant Major Moten remains dedicated to CBRN defense. He worked as a contract support for Joint Program Executive Office and as Program Manager for Veteran Corps. He is an active supporter of the Boys and Girls Club of Santa Barbara, California and continues to develop the next generation of CBRNE leaders through his mentoring, coaching and teaching.