Distinguished Member of the Corps



Mr. Elmer H. Enqquist


Mr. Elmer H. Enqquist was born in Chicago, IL and received a BS from the University of Illinois. Recruited directly upon graduation, he became a Research Associate with the U.S. Army Chemical Warfare Service Development Laboratory, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He also received a MS from Northwestern University and a MS from the University of Michigan.


Mr. Enqquist would spend the next 50 years involved in Chemical Warfare Service and later Chemical Corps programs. Over his long career, he has served in a variety of technical, scientific, and engineering assignments as project officer and program manager at Edgewood Arsenal. He has been personally involved in many of the key Chemical Corps research and development materiel programs which have provided our current strong NBC defense posture. He also has been actively involved in support of Chemical Corps programs through his committee memberships and work with the American Defense Preparedness Association (ADPA).


Mr. Elmer H. Enqquist passed away in September of 1993.