Hall of Fame



Dr. Bernard P. McNamara


Dr. Bernard P. McNamara devoted a professional career of almost 40 years to the Chemical Corps. Beginning as a junior pharmacologist at Edgewood Arsenal in 1942, he culminated his career in the senior executive service as Chief of the Toxicology Division at the Chemical Research and Development Laboratories.


A pioneer in his field, Dr. McNamara wrote over 150 technical publications. In addition to his work with the Army, he was an advisor to the Environmental Protection Agency and a very active participant in professional activities. His vast expertise led to service on the Committee on Disarmament, the National Research Council, and the National Cancer Institute.


His numerous awards included the William H. Walker Award, the Department of Defense Distinguished Civilian Service Award, and the National Civil Service League Career Service Award.


Dr. Bernard P. McNamara died in 1980.