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Colonel Lewis M. McBride


Colonel Lewis M. McBride was born in Iowa in 1879. After service with the Colorado National Guard, he was commissioned as a Captain in the Corps of Engineers in 1918. In 1920 he transferred to the Chemical Warfare Service where he served until his retirement in 1944.


Colonel McBride, the “Father of the 4.2” mortar,” experimented successfully with new methods of filling and sealing liquids in shells. He held several patents, but his greatest contribution was the 4.2 inch mortar. He successfully rifled the 4 inch Stokes mortar to increase range and accuracy. The new mortar was to play a key role in World War II and Korea.


Colonel McBride retired twice from the Army. The first time was in 1942. This retirement was short lived as he was recalled to active duty shortly thereafter, serving with distinction until his permanent retirement in 1944.


Colonel Lewis M. McBride died 30 June 1956.