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Colonel Merritt W. Briggs


Colonel Merritt W. Briggs was born in Jamestown, New York. He received a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from Otterbein College, Ohio before entering the service. He entered the army in 1942, was commissioned in 1944 at the Army Chemical Center, Maryland and retired after 26 years in the military. He served during three major conflicts, World War II, Korea and Vietnam.


Colonel Briggs received a Silver Star while he was the Battalion Commander for the 2nd Heavy Chemical Mortar Battalion during the Korean War. He organized and led a tank reconnaissance unit through enemy lines to the overrun mortar positions of two of his companies and then led the mission to recover all usable equipment.


Colonel Briggs also received the Honorary Officer of the Military Division of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire given by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth I. The award stated: Throughout the campaigns Lieutenant Colonel Briggs’ splendid and most cordial spirit of co-operation with the Commonwealth Division was very noticeable. It was due to his general planning and logistical support that his mortars were always at hand when needed.”


Colonel Briggs received numerous other accolades including a Bronze Star for his outstanding leadership and performance as the Battalion Commander for the 2nd Heavy Chemical Mortar Battalion.


Colonel Briggs passed away 15 April 1988.