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Colonel George B. Coe Jr.


Colonel George B. Coe, Jr., was born on 12 July 1923. He served in the United States Marine Corps from 1942 to 1945 before being commissioned in the U.S. Army Chemical Corps in 1949.


Colonel Coe conducted wound ballistic and KIA surveys in Korea, using his findings to develop the first issue body armor. His work in this area has saved the lives of thousands of military and civilian personnel from that time to the present.


Colonel Coe served as military aid to President Lyndon Johnson and as Chief of Staff, Deseret Training Center. He concluded his career in 1976 as Director, Development and Engineering, Edgewood Arsenal.


Among Colonel Coe’s awards were the Purple Heart and Legion of Merit with two Oak Leaf Clusters.


Colonel George B. Coe died on 11 April 2000 and was interred in Arlington National Cemetery.

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