Distinguished Member of the Corps



First Sergeant Roger Gunter


First Sergeant Roger Gunter, during his military career, served as First Sergeant at the 82nd Chemical Battalion, and from December until July 2000, he was Chief Instructor at the Chemical Defense Training Facility, from July 2000 to April 2001, at Fort Leonard Wood, MO.


After his retirement, Mr. Gunter joined Concurrent Technologies Corporation where he has served as: Senior Chemical Surety Specialist for the WMD REALITI Program; WMD Programs, Program Manager; Manager, CBRNE Response Programs; Director, CBRN Response; and Executive Director, Asymmetrical Threat Technologies Operations Center. In his positions as Executive Director, Asymmetrical Threat Technologies Operations Center within the Global Systems Group at CTC, he is responsible for organizing, staffing, directing and controlling over technical staff, management and leadership team members located geographically across 12 states. These organizations are engaged in CBRNE solutions, law enforcement, improvised explosive devices defeat, canine programs, technology road mapping, special operations, and environmental technology development and deployment. As Director and Executive Director, he has been instrumental in his corporation’s monetary support to the Chemical Corps Regimental Association (CCRA). He has continued to serve the Chemical Corps as CCRA Vice President for Business Management and currently as CCRA Chief Operating Officer.


First Sergeant Gunter’s awards and decorations include President’s Award of Excellence, Sergeant Morales Club Inductee, Noncommissioned Officer of the Year, Sergeant Audie Murphy Club Inductee, United States Army Leadership Award, Fort Leonard Wood Family of the Year, Bronze Star Medal and numerous other U.S. Army awards and decorations.