031 (School Code)
ATRRS Course Number: 4K-F26/494-F31
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Purpose: This course provides enhanced tactical training in the CBRNE site characterization, initial entry area assessment, and CBRN reconnaissance and surveillance operations in support of combatant commanders, using the Dismounted Reconnaissance Sets, Kits and Outfits (DR-SKO).
Scope: Training will focus on providing the skills and knowledge required to prepare for and respond to battlefield hazards; improvised Chemical, Biological and Radiological devices and/or Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). The course includes training on a variety of military and/or commercial CBRN equipment, and includes training and familiarization on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA), emergency response In-transit procedures, planning and preparing for tactical reconnaissance operations, the fundamentals of Toxic Industrial Materials (TIM), sampling and collection procedures, mission abort procedures, and the procedures to set-up, process through and close out a survey team decontamination site.
Prerequisites: Enlisted, Officer and Warrant Officer Active, Reserve or Army National Guard Soldiers with a MOSC of 21M, 74D or 89D; AOC of 74A; Enlisted and Officer Air Force and Air National Guard Airmen with a 3E9 AFSC; Enlisted and Warrant Officer Active and Reserve Marines with a MOSC of 5711, 5702 and 2336; Navy, Coast Guard, and DOD civilian equivalent personnel whose rating, job or mission is directly related to chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear force protection Weapons of Mass Destruction/hazard, detection, and identification and elimination operations. DOD civilians who meet the above prerequisites will require course manager authorization prior to course attendance.
Special Information: All students attending the CBRN Dismounted Reconnaissance Course must meet the physical requirements of the course. They must not possess a temporary profile. Students must be physically able to wear Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus or SCBA (35 LBS) and or be able to lift up to 55 pounds while in SCBA for up to 10-15 minutes at a time. Enlisted grades (E1 – E5) must be Hazardous Material Operations certified and (E6 and above) must be Hazardous Material Technician certified and must bring certification certificates from the Department of Defense (DOD) Firefighter or ProBoard Certification Systems. Must meet the height and weight standards in accordance with AR 600-9 (military only). Pass the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) (military only).
Foreign Disclosure: FD3 - The materials contained in this course have been reviewed by the course developers in coordination with the USACBRNS foreign disclosure representative and MSCoE foreign disclosure authority. This course is NOT releasable to students from foreign countries.