Distinguished Member of the Corps



Brigadier General Walter L. Busbee


Brigadier General Walter L. Busbee was born in Americus, Georgia. He earned a BS and MS in chemical engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in the Chemical Corps in March of 1964.


Throughout a career spanning over 31 years, Brigadier General Busbee has been a stalwart advocate of the Chemical Corps and distinguished himself while serving in a variety of critical positions which have had a profound influence on the NBC Defense posture of our nation. One of his many accomplishments at McAlester, Oklahoma, was being recognized as the finest senior depot commander in CONUS, exceeding all key goals and objectives and implementing productivity enhancements in depot operations to support the munitions needs of the Department of Defense.


Brigadier General Busbee initiated the development of a Joint Biological Point Detection System (JBPDS) and spearheaded the first comprehensive review of the DoD biological detection program. Through his efforts, the final result was a single, codified way-forward strategy for the acquisition of biological detection systems that will guide the Department of Defense well into the 21st Century.


Brigadier General Busbee continues to serve the Corps and the Department of Defense in their ever expanding mission of Biological Defense and ensuring the protection of the U.S. fighting force through the development, production, and fielding of biological detectors and vaccines. He truly personifies the spirit of the Chemical Corps. His contributions can be summarized as profoundly influential on the NBC defense and counter proliferation programs impacting this country’s response capability.