Distinguished Member of the Corps



Colonel Charles G. Kelly III


As Director of Combat Developments for the Army Chemical School, Colonel Charles G. Kelly, III was the "architect of the future" for the Army chemical defense program in the 1990’s.


Colonel Kelly developed the concept and requirements for the nation’s first-ever Biological Defense System (the BIDS), and in conjunction with a dedicated Team, ensured that the system was fielded in less than 4-years from its initial theoretical concept to a functional system. He directed development of future NBC Defense force structure, materiel, training devices and testing.


Colonel Kelly developed and oversaw the publication of annual nuclear, biological, and chemical (NBC) defense modernization plans and "CHEMICAL CORPS 2000," a roadmap for NBC defense activities in the 21st Century. He was also a member of the Team that assessed the vulnerability of U.S. bases to WMD threats in the Ft. Bragg/Pope AFB Study (part of CB 2010 Assessment).