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Mr. Mitchell Modrall


Mr. Mitchell Modrall was born on February 23, 1923 in Nashville, Tennessee. He received a Bachelor of Science (BS) and Master of Science (MS) from George Peabody College, and attended both the medical schools at Vanderbilt University and Southwestern Medical College in Texas.


Mr. Modrall was for more than two decades the U.S. Army’s best instructor in Chemical and Biological agent technical matters at the Army Chemical School. He personally re-wrote Technical Manual 3-215, Military Chemistry and Chemical Agents to apply the most up-to-date information.


Mr. Modrall was the instructor for many of the current senior chemical officers of today’s corps, and his work impacted directly on their abilities, so amply shown over the last 20 years, to fulfill the mission of the Chemical Corps.


Mr. Modrall also trained instructors, and it was his work that enabled the Chemical Corps to have on the platform at the Chemical School the best and most technically competent NBC instructors in the world. Although the Army has always stressed safety in training, Mr. Modrall took it to new heights at the Chemical School and when students dealt with or trained with lethal agents, they did so in complete safety.


Mr. Mitchell Modrall died in 1993 still working, training and mentoring tomorrow’s chemical officers.