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Colonel Julian G. Brunt


Colonel Julian G. Brunt was born in August of 1920 in Tutwiler, Mississippi. He was assigned to the 87th Chemical Mortar Battalion and in June 1944 participated in the D-Day invasion.


Colonel Brunt earned a battlefield commission in June of 1944 when then Sergeant Brunt received information that his mortar platoon was needed to help combat enemy strong-points. He quickly deployed his platoon into firing position and in a period of one hour and thirty minutes delivered approximately 300 rounds of ammunition into the target area.


Colonel Brunt’s actions on that day also earned him a Bronze Star. Not long afterwards in November of 1944 he earned the Silver Star for gallantry in action when his unit was attacked by a barrage of mortars. One of his Soldiers was wounded and rather than order a medical technician to aid the Soldier, he turned over command to his platoon sergeant and personally treated and evacuated the casualty.


Colonel Brunt went on after the war to serve as Company Commander for the 343rd Chemical Company at Pine Bluff Arsenal. He served dutifully in various positions throughout his career to include Chief of G4 Division, USARPAC, Korea; Commander Support Activity, Germany and Commander of the U.S. Army Chemical School in 1964.