Distinguished Member of the Corps



Sergeant Major Penn Wilson


Sergeant Major Penn Wilson was born 25 August 1938 in Greenfield, Massachusetts. In retirement, he works as the Editor of the Jacksonville State University Economic Update and as a consultant for Economic Development at the College of Commerce and Business Administration, Jacksonville State University, Jacksonville, Alabama. He is also the Treasurer for the McClellan Chapter, U.S. Army Chemical Corps Regimental Association.


Sergeant Major Wilson began his career with the Chemical Corps as a Staff Sergeant after completing the Advanced NCO Course in 1964. In 1967 and 1968, he served in the Chemical Section, 1st Infantry Division, where he helped develop operations with the Manpack Hidden Personnel Detector and assisting in its conversion to an airborne detector. He racked up over 100 combat air missions in Vietnam, utilizing the “people sniffer” to locate the enemy and dropping CS Riot Control Agent to deny them free movement and use of terrain.


Upon returning to CONUS, Sergeant Major Wilson was heavily involved in the disestablishment of CDCCBRA and its merger into the USACMLS at Fort McClellan. He also worked on the on the consolidation of the Chemical and Ordnance Corps and their subsequent relocation to Aberdeen Proving Ground.


Following his military retirement and upon becoming a DA Civilian, Sergeant Major Wilson established the School’s Allied Liaison/Protocol Office after the Chemical School was separated from the Ordnance Corps and became returned to its prior Corps status. He also reestablished Chemical force development function at Fort Leonard Wood, ensured effective oversight of Combined Army Center TOE/BOIP development process.


Today Sergeant Major Wilson remains active in issues related the Chemical Corps and has devoted two careers to the Chemical Corps, the Army and the nation.