ATRRS Course Number: 4-3-C23 (NS) (DL) (PH1) / 4-3-C23 (NS) (PH2) (PH3)
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Purpose: To prepare Reserve Component commissioned officers of the rank of 1LT or higher for branch command and staff duties at battalion through division or comparable level

Scope: The This course consists of three phases. Phase One is a branch specific Distance Learning phase consisting of training in decontamination operations, CBRN warning and reporting, introduction to radiological operations, and other technical topics. Phase Two is a twoweek resident training phase conducted at the CBRN School. In this branch specific phase, subjects covered include chemical and biological agent effects, defense concepts, radiological operations, consequence management, toxic agent training, and Incident Commander. Phase Three is a resident phase consisting of Common Core and branch specific training. In the common core portion, subject covered include MDMP and Warfighter Exercise. In the branch specific portion, subjects covered include Digital systems, maintenance programs, operation and functions of chemical units and staff. Completion of this course results in a working knowledge of chemical, radiological, reconnaissance, and decontamination operations.


Special Information: See Welcome Letter.


Foreign Disclosure: The course developer in coordination with the MSCoE foreign disclosure authority reviewed the materials contained in this CMP and this course. Restrictions on some components of this course may not be releasable to students from foreign military schools/countries.