Distinguished Member of the Corps



Command Sergeant Major Peter L. Hiltner


Command Sergeant Major Peter L. Hiltner was born on October 19, 1950 in Freeport, Minnesota and joined the Chemical Corps in 1982. He retired from the U.S Army in 2003 after devoting 27 years of selfless service.


Command Sergeant Major Hiltner continues to actively serve the Chemical Corps as an ambassador representing the Chemical Corps Regiment and the Chemical Corps Regimental Association (CCRA).


During his tenure as the Regimental Command Sergeant Major, Command Sergeant Major Hiltner served as the primary advisor and senior assistant to the Commanding General, United States Army Chemical Corps on the execution of established policies pertaining to training, performance, care, conduct and management of more than 10,000 enlisted personnel in the Chemical Regiment. He also had direct involvement in all matters pertaining to the development of new doctrine, equipment, and training programs for the Chemical Corps.


Throughout his military career, Command Sergeant Major Hiltner was instrumental in the development of Soldiers and was noted for his genuine concern and always putting the welfare of his Soldiers above his own. His dedication did not slow down after his retirement from active duty. He routinely volunteers his personal time to participate as a guest speaker at military events and ceremonies.