2404-04:  Fort Drum Officials Invite Community Members to Join Tour

2404-03:  Increased noise level anticipated on Fort Drum Range 48 during aviation training - Advisory

2404-02:  Fort Drum issues early release for personnel ahead of upcoming solar eclipse

2404-01:  NASA to Fly Uncrewed Aircraft Systems from Fort Drum to Study Weather Patterns during Total Eclipse - Media Advisory

2403-05:  10th Mountain Division and Fort Drum Announce Vietnam-era Gold Star Family Member to Speak at Annual Ceremony

2403-04:  Women Warriors will host Women's History Month Forum - Media Advisory

2403-03:  WWII unit that once haunted streets of Pine Camp set to receive Congressional Gold Medal

2403-01:  Taking a holistic approach to suicide prevention at Fort Drum 

                  HSP 1     HSP 2     HSP 3

2402-02:  Fort Drum Natural Resources staff takes 'rapid response' approach to fighting invasive species 

                  Fort Drum Natural Resources 1     Fort Drum Natural Resources 2

2402-01:  Fort Drum culinary specialists prepare for 48th Joint Culinary Training Event - Media Advisory

                  Fort Drum Culinary Arts Team - NHFC     Fort Drum Culinary Arts Team - PCOY     

                  Fort Drum Culinary Arts Team - SPCOY

2401-05:  Army Announces Upcoming 10th Combat Aviation Brigade Deployment

                  Army announces upcoming unit deployments

2401-04:  10th MDSB will conduct best Sustainer of the Quarter Competition - Media Advisory

2401-03:  10th Mountain Division holds promotion ceremony in honor of Col. Matthew Braman

                   Col. Matthew Braman - Bio 

2401-02:  10th Mountain Division Holds D-Series Challenge 2024 - Media Advisory

2401-01:  Fort Drum Safety offers winter driving, snow blower classes for post community members

                  Winter Classes

Closing Tab


2312-04:  10th Mountain Division command team uncases colors at Fort Drum

2312-03:  10th Mountain Division Redeployment Flights set Dec. 8 and 14 - Media Advisory

2312-02:  Fort Drum Natural Resources Branch awarded for environmental stewardship  

                  Fort Drum Natural Resources Award

2312-01:  10th Mountain Division conducts artillery training at Fort Drum and Vermont - Advisory

2311-03:  Trees for Troops brings holidays home for Fort Drum Soldiers and Families - Media Advisory 

2311-02:  10th Mountain Division hosts Veterans Day Ceremony

2311-01:  10th Combat Aviation Brigade Hosts Ruck for Families Food Drive

2310-06:  Take a guided hike with a Fort Drum forester     Bonaparte Trail

2310-05:  Fort Drum supports city neighbors during water emergency 

                   Water Distribution 1     Water Distribution 2     Water Distribution 3     Water Distribution 4     
                   Water Distribution 5

2310-04:  Fort Drum community members pack fire station for Firefighter for a Day event  

                  Firefighter2     Firefighter3     Firefighter5

2310-03:  33rd FMSU inactivation ceremony - Media Advisory

2310-02:  10th Mountain Division hosts Army Career Day - Media Advisory

2310-01:  10th Mountain Division combat medics use military training to save infant's life

2309-05:  10th Mountain Division will commemorate Battle of Mogadishu - Media Advisory

2309-04:  10th Combat Aviation Brigade conducts training in St. Lawrence River - Media Advisory 

2309-03:  Army survey confirms Fort Drum housing remains point of pride for Alpine Soldiers, families

                  Fort Drum housing

2309-02:  Twenty-two years after 9/11, Fort Drum community members still gather to reflect, remember 

                  9-11_1     9-11_2     9-11_3     9-11_4

2309-01:  10th Mountain Division and Fort Drum to commemorate 9/11 - Media Advisory

2308-04:  Fort Drum to observe quiet hours on Labor Day

2308-03:  10th Mountain Division SHARP hosts training summit

2308-02:  10th Mountain Division returns to its roots: Building teams, reclaiming alpine capabilities  

                  10th MD Staff Ride 1     10th MD Staff Ride 2     10th MD Staff Ride 3

2308-01:  Lt. Dan Band to perform free concert at Fort Drum - Media Advisory

2307-10:  Navy Reservists hone their medical skills during annual summer training at Fort Drum

                  Navy Reservists 1     Navy Reservists 2     Navy Reservists 3 

2307-09:  10th Mountain Division Hosts XVIII Airborne Corps Best Squad Competition - Media Advisory

2307-08:  Fort Drum agencies test emergency readiness capabilities during full-scale exercise  

                   FSE 1     FSE 2     FSE 3

2307-07:  Fort Drum conducts annual full-scale exercise

2307-06:  Fort Drum welcomes new garrison commander during change of command     

                  USAG-FD Change of Command 1     USAG-FD Change of Command 2

2307-05:  Fort Drum to hold change of command ceremony - Media Advisory

2307-04:  10th Mountain Division celebrates 80 Years Alpine     80 Years of Alpine

2307-03:  2nd Brigade Combat Team cases their colors at Fort Drum ahead of deployment 

                  2BCT casing 1     2BCT casing 2     2BCT casing 3

2307-02:  2BCT to case their colors ahead of deployment - Media Advisory

2307-01:  Fort Drum Natural Resources Branch makes kayaking more accessible on post

                  Kayak Fort Drum 1     Kayak Fort Drum 2

2306-08:  Fort Drum officials name conference room after first 10th Mountain Soldier to report 

                  McLane Memorialization 1      McLane Memorialization 2     McLane Memorialization 3

2306-07:  Fort Drum Light Fighters School named to honor WWII hero from 10th Mountain Division

                  McCown Memorialization 1     McCown Memorialization 2     McCown Memorialization 3 

2306-06:  Fort Drum community members, Gold Star families honor fallen 10th Mountain Soldiers         

                  Annual Remembrance 1     Annual Remembrance 2     Annual Remembrance 3

2306-05:  Fort Drum inducts Hall of Fame members - honors Man and Woman of the Mountain recipients

2306-04:  Fort Drum - 10th Mountain Division invite community members to Mountainfest 2023

2306-03:  Fort Drum outlines procedures for Mountainfest activities

2306-02:  10th Mountain - Fort Drum to honor fallen Soldiers during Annual Remembrance Ceremony

2306-01:  Fort Drum teen named New York State Military Youth of the Year     MYOY 1     MYOY 2

2305-07:  10th Mountain Division conducts air-assault training between Fort Drum and Griffiss Airport

2305-06:  Fort Drum hosts tour for emerging community leaders     JLI1     JLI2     JLI3

2305-05:  Fort Drum to observe quiet hours on Memorial Day

2305-04:  10th Mountain Division and Fort Drum host Army Career Day - Media Advisory

2305-03:  Fort Drum goes dark to test energy resiliency     

                  Fort Drum outage 1     Fort Drum outage 2     Fort Drum outage 3     Fort Drum outage 4     

                  Fort Drum outage 5     Fort Drum outage 6     Fort Drum outage 7

2305-02:  Fort Drum plans several power outages Tuesday

2305-01:  Rolling power outages exercise Fort Drum emergency plans

2304-07:  Military working dog teams compete for Top Dog honors at Fort Drum    Top Dog 1    Top Dog 2

2304-06:  Temporary Change at Fort Drum Gates Announced

2304-05:  Jimmie Allen to headline Fort Drum's Mountainfest concert 

                  Concert reveal 1     Concert reveal 2

2304-04:  Fort Drum celebrates volunteerism, exceptional community service     VOY 1     VOY 2

2304-03:  Fort Drum leaders' focus on sustainability key to local economic impact

2304-02:  Blue Bike Project raises awareness for Child Abuse Prevention Month   

                  Blue Bike Project 1     Blue Bike Project 2     Blue Bike Project 3

2304-01:  10th Mountain Division, 101st Airborne Division conduct transfer of authority ceremony

2303-06:  Fort Drum MPs train with fire, emergency services personnel on active shooter drills 

                  MGA 1     MGA 2     MGA 3 

2303-05:  Fort Drum leaders sign Month of the Military Child Proclamation 

                  MOMC Proclamation 1     MOMC Proclamation 2

2303-04:  Increased activity and noise levels anticipated on Fort Drum Range 48 during aviation training

2303-03:  Around and About Fort Drum: Spc. Toccara Green Memorial Motor Pool

                  Spc. Toccara Green      57th Transportation Co. Motor Pool dedication 

2303-02:  4-31 Infantry Plans Memorial on 20th Anniversary of Black Hawk Helicopter Crash March 11

2303-01:  10th Mountain Division (Light Infantry) Color Casing Ceremony set March 14 - UPDATED

2302-02:  Fort Drum SFRD earns DoD certification for family readiness programs     SFRD Certification

2302-01:  1BCT Uncasing Ceremony Feb. 3 -- Media Advisory 

2301-06:  First Lady Dr. Jill Biden meets with Soldiers, family members during Fort Drum tour 

                  Dr. Biden Visit 1     Dr. Biden Visit 2     Dr. Biden Visit 3     Dr. Biden Visit 4

2301-05:  Increased noise levels anticipated on Fort Drum Range 48 during aviation training

2301-04:  10th Mountain Division patching ceremony instills sense of pride, history in Soldiers 

                  Patching Ceremony 1     Patching Ceremony 2     Patching Ceremony 3

2301-03:  10th Mountain Division Holds D-Series Winter Challenge 2023 - Media Advisory

2301-02:  10th Mountain Division Sustainment Brigade hosts Best Sustainer Competition - Advisory 

2301-01:  Fort Drum officials discuss bald eagle protection with Falcon Brigade   

                  BGEPA_1     BGEPA_2     BGEPA_3

Closing Tab



2212-06:  Fort Drum Scouts support Wreaths Across America with Memorial Park ceremony 

                  WAA2022_1     WAA2022_3

2212-05:  Increased noise levels anticipated on Fort Drum Range 48 during aviation training 

2212-04:  Fort Drum welcomes over 100 1st BCT Soldiers redeploying from Middle East - Media Advisory

2212-03:  Trees for Troops bring holiday joy to Fort Drum Soldiers and families 

                   Trees for Troops 5     Trees for Troops 6     Trees for Troops 9     Trees for Troops 10

2212-02:  Trees for Troops brings Christmas home for Fort Drum Soldiers and families - Media Advisory

2212-01:  Fort Drum NCOs march on a mission to deliver 'Mountain of Toys'  

                  Mountain of Toys 1     Mountain of Toys 2     Mountain of Toys 3

2211-06:  Increased noise levels on Fort Drum Range 48 anticipated from aviation training

2211-05:  Fort Drum reacts to powerful snowstorm     Fort Drum Snow Ops 1     Fort Drum Snow Ops 2

                  Fort Drum Snow Ops 3     Fort Drum Snow Ops 4     Fort Drum Snow Ops 5   

2211-04:  10th Combat Aviation Brigade conducts 'Falcon Food Drive Ruck & Flight' -- Media Advisory 

2211-03:  Community pays tribute to veterans during Fort Drum wreath-laying ceremony

                  2022 Veterans Day ceremony 1     2022 Veterans Day ceremony 2     

                  2022 Veterans Day ceremony 3     2022 Veterans Day ceremony 4

2211-02:  Fort Drum and 10th Mountain Division observe Veterans Day with ceremony - Media Advisory

2211-01:  Fort Drum honors Italian POW with wreath-laying ceremony on National Unity Day 

                  2022 Italian wreath-laying ceremony 2     2022 Italian wreath-laying ceremony 3

                     2022 Italian wreath-laying ceremony 4

2210-07:  10th Mountain Division deputy commander, 10th CAB team discuss leadership, Army career opportunities with Norwich University cadets   

                   Division visit to Norwich U_01     Division visit to Norwich U_03     

                   Division visit to Norwich U_04     Division visit to Norwich U_05

2210-06:  10th Mountain Division Soldiers help to save victim of fuel truck explosion

                   Lundemo - Hayes

2210-05:  Fort Drum's financial management professionals ensure year-end spending yields big results 

2210-04:  Fort Drum boasts rainbow of colorful fall foliage 

                  Fort Drum Fall Foliage 1     Fort Drum Fall Foliage 2

2210-03:  Fort Drum officials offer Lost Villages History Tour      Lost Villages Tour 2019

2210-02:  Purple Up for Domestic Violence Awareness Month     DVAM 1

2210-01:  Fort Drum Conducts Apache Gunnery Range on Oct. 5 and Mountain Peak Exercise

2209-09:  Fort Drum FMWR earns National Gold Medal Award for park and recreation management

2209-08:  Students explore STEM education at Fort Drum's STARBASE Academy 

                  STARBASE 1     STARBASE 2

2209-07:  Fort Drum privatized housing scores well in Army survey  

                  Rhicard Hills community     2021 NNO 10

2209-06:  Maj. Gen. Gregory Anderson assumes command of 10th Mountain Division 

                  MG Anderson 02     MG Anderson 03

2209-05:  Fort Drum community members, first responders pause to remember 9/11 

                  Sept 11 Wreath Laying 1     Sept 11 Wreath Laying 2     Sept 11 Wreath Laying 3

2209-04:  10th Mountain Division (LI) to conduct Change of Command Ceremony - Media Advisory

2209-03:  Operation Mountain Awareness opens doors to recruit talent from Northeast 

2209-02:  Noncommissioned Officer Academy named after revered 10th Mountain Division senior adviser

2209-01:  Dole Barracks memorialization honors late U.S. senator, 10th Mountain Division war veteran

2208-12:  Fort Drum inducts Hall of Fame members, honors Man and Woman of the Mountain recipients

2208-11:  Annual Remembrance Ceremony honors sacrifice of fallen 10th Mountain Division Soldiers 

2208-10:  Fort Drum, 10th Mountain Division invite North Country friends to Mountainfest 2022

2208-09:  Fort Drum gate memorialization honors service, legacy of modern 10th Mountain patriarch

2208-08:  Fort Drum track memorialized for legendary coach - 10th Mountain veteran 

2208-07:  10th Mountain Division (LI), Fort Drum to honor fallen Soldiers during Annual Remembrance

2208-06:  Fort Drum welcomes 'Soldier for Life' community to annual Retiree Appreciation Day

2208-05:  Fort Drum names gate in honor of former 10th Mountain Division Chief of Staff - Advisory

2208-04:  Fort Drum officials outline procedures for those planning to attend Mountainfest

2208-03:  Fort Drum names outdoor track in honor of former 10th Mountain Soldier, Nike co-founder

2208-02:  10th Mountain Division holds Promotion Ceremony for Col. (P) Jason A. Curl - Advisory

2208-01:  548th Division Sustainment Battalion holds a Redeployment Ceremony - Advisory - Updated  

2207-12:  Fort Drum MPs return from deployment in support of NATO allies   

                  Gov Hochul visit 03     91st MPs Group Photo     91st Welcome Home     91st Welcome Home 1     
                  91st Welcome Home 2     91st Welcome Home 3     91st Welcome Home 4     

2207-11:  10th Mountain Division Commander to speak to Fort Jackson Basic Combat Training Graduation

2207-10:  Volunteer firefighters hone skills at Fort Drum FES training facility

2207-09:  Navy reservists practice tactical field care, medical skills during annual Operation Commanding Force at Fort Drum 

2207-08:  Officials break ground on new railhead project at Fort Drum 

                  Railhead groundbreaking 1     Railhead groundbreaking 2     Railhead groundbreaking 3 

2207-07:  Fort Drum to break ground on multimillion-dollar railhead project - Advisory

2207-06:  10th Mountain Division (LI) holds Change of Responsibility Ceremony on July 20 - Advisory

2207-05:  Annual full-scale exercise tests emergency response of Fort Drum, community partners     

                  2022 FSE - 01     2202 FSE - 04     2022 FSE - 06     2022 FSE - 08

2207-04:  10th Mountain Division and Fort Drum to conduct emergency response exercise - Advisory

2207-03:  Fort Drum to conduct annual emergency response exercise

2207-02:  Fort Drum PW team rebuilds dam in Historic LeRay Mansion District   

                  Fort Drum dam repair 02     Fort Drum dam repair 04     Fort Drum dam project 07

2207-01:  Fort Drum Soldier Identified as Shooting Victim 

2206-03:  10th Mountain Division and Fort Drum Museum Hosts Grand Opening (Media Advisory)

2206-02:  Fort Drum New Parent Support Program helps community prepare healthy snacks for summer                    
                  NPSP Cooking 1     NPSP Cooking 2     NPSP Cooking 3

2206-01:  Fort Drum PW in-house workforce putting essential combat training range back in operation

                  Range23 1     Range23 2     Range23 3

2205-07:  Department of Defense Announces Promotion and Next Assignment for Fort Drum & 10th Mountain Division Senior Commander

2205-06:  Around and About Fort Drum - Wheeler-Sack Army Airfield     WheelerSack

2205-05:  Fort Drum community observes Memorial Day with wreath-laying ceremony 

                  Fort Drum Memorial Day 1     Fort Drum Memorial Day 2     Fort Drum Memorial Day 3

2205-04:  Fort Drum to observe quiet hours on Memorial Day 

2205-03:  Secretary of the Army observes 10th Mountain Division training, tours Fort Drum 

                  SecArmy E3B 1     SecArmy E3B 2     SecArmy E3B 3

2205-02:  Symposium on cultural property protection brings international professionals to Fort Drum  

                  Symposium 1     Symposium 3

2205-01:  Fort Drum named best IMCOM-Readiness installation 

                  IMCOM Best Garrison Readiness

2204-06:  English as a Second Language class at Fort Drum empowers community members to connect

                  ESL Class 1    ESL Class 2     ESL Class 3

2204-05:  Fort Drum Soldiers exercise rapid response skills at gates  

2204-04:  Fort Drum releases 2021 Economic Impact Statement

2204-03:  Fort Drum garrison commander hosts Italian delegation on installation tour 

                  Italian delegation visit 1     Italian delegation visit 3     Italian delegation 4     Italian delegation 5

2204-02:  Unmanned aircraft crashes at Wheeler-Sack Army Airfield

                  UAS WSAAF Crash

2204-01:  Fort Drum chefs share passion for cooking with local culinary students 

                  10thMTNChefs CiTi     10thMTN Chefs CiTi2

2203-03:  10th Mountain Division to support U.S. Coast Guard in overwater search-and-rescue operations 

                  MOU 01     MOU 03     MOU 4

2203-02:  Fort Drum, local fire departments respond to housing fire on post

                  MonumentRidgeFire 1     MonumentRidgeFire 2     MonumentRidgeFire 3

2203-01:  Fort Drum to improve water security with key infrastructure project 

                  Water bottle at fountain

2202-07:  Range Branch employees expand Soldiers' training capabilities with new Convoy Live-Fire Range, Infantry Platoon Battle Course 

                  Range collage

2202-06:  10th Mountain Division Soldiers travel to Colorado to train and honor division's legacy   

                  Vail 1     Vail 2     Vail 3     Vail 4     Vail 5     Vail 6     Vail 7     Vail 8

2202-05:  Validation process tests Fort Drum Military Working Dog team readiness   

                   MDW1     MDW2     MWD3     MWD4

2202-04:  Fort Drum Soldiers deploy in support of NATO allies in Europe 

                  Deployment 1     Deployment 2     Deployment 3     Deployment 4     

                  Deployment 5     Deployment 6     Deployment 7     Deployment 8

2202-03:  Fort Drum Fire and Emergency Services welcomes new engine at Wheeler-Sack Army Airfield   

                  Fort Drum Fire Engine

2202-02:  Governor Hochul speaks with deploying Soldiers from Fort Drum   

                  Gov Hochul visit 1     Gov Hochul visit 2     Gov Hochul visit 4  

2202-01:  Soldiers from Fort Drum will deploy to Europe

2201-07:  Fort Drum & 10th Mountain Division Holds D-Series Winter Challenge 2022 - Media Advisory

2201-06:  Engineers clear battlespace for training on Division Hill on Fort Drum 

                  Engineers 1     Engineers 2 

2201-05:  Fort Drum firefighters conduct ice rescue training 

                  Rescue training 1      Rescue training 2      Rescue training 3

2201-04:  Around and About Fort Drum: Henry V. Cumoletti Courthouse 

                  Cumoletti Portrait     Courthouse exterior     Courthouse interior     Courtroom plaque

2201-03:  Fort Drum Transitions to Health Protection Condition Bravo 

2201-02:  Fort Drum Financial Readiness Program offers tax time tips 

2201-01:  Fort Drum seeks input from parents on child care services

Closing Tab



2112-04:  Firefighting Foam Released in Fort Drum Hangar

                  6-6 Foam Release 17 Dec 21

2112-03:  Fort Drum's Courtesy Patrol reinforces positive community presence 

                  Courtesy Patrol

2112-02:  10th Mountain Division honors one of their own, Senator Bob Dole

2112-01:  Twenty-five years, and Mountain of Toys at Fort Drum keeps growing

                  2021 MOT 01     2021 MOT 04     2021 MOT 06

2111-03:  Fort Drum culinary specialists cook up holiday feast for thousands 

                  DFAC Thanksgiving 1   DFAC Thanksgiving 2     DFAC Thanksgiving 3     DFAC Thanksgiving 4                                DFAC Thanksgiving 5   DFAC Thanksgiving 6     DFAC Thanksgiving 7     DFAC Thanksgiving 8

2111-02:  Fort Drum to conduct Veterans Day ceremony to honor past and present veterans

2111-01:  Access control changes minimal at Fort Drum gates with vaccination deadlines approaching

2110-03:  Fort Drum's Mountain Peak exercise starts Monday

2110-02:  Runners represent Fort Drum, 10th Mountain Division in virtual Army Ten-Miler race 

2110-01:  Fort Drum FAP shedding light on domestic violence

2109-10:  Air Force F-22s make first landing at Fort Drum airfield for rapid refueling operation

2109-09:  Death of Three 10th Mountain Division Soldiers

2109-07:  New Fort Drum railhead project to further readiness capabilities for 10th Mountain Division

2109-06:  10th Mountain Division and Fort Drum to commemorate 9/11 during ceremony – Media Advisory

2109-05:  Fort Drum cemeteries open to visitors on Labor Day

2109-04:  Welcome Home Ceremony for Returning Soldiers September 6 – Media Advisory – Update 4

2109-03:  Retired 10th Mountain Division Soldier awarded Silver Star for courage, sacrifice under fire

                  Silver Star - Holroyd 1     Silver Star - Holroyd 2

2109-02:  Salute to the Nation - live demo showcase 10th Mountain Division pride

2109-01:  Fort Drum officials conduct rededication ceremony at Atkins Functional Fitness Facility

     Atkins MOH     Atkins rededication

2108-08:  Fort Drum & 10th Mountain Division Holds Mountainfest 2021 - Media Advisory

2108-07:  Chief of Chaplains to visit Fort Drum and kick off spirituality pilot program – Media Advisory

2108-06:  Soldiers thwart attempted theft while training on Fort Drum

2108-05:  10th CAB takes to the skies as Falcon Peak comes to a close

2108-04:  Fort Drum to assess emergency readiness during full-scale exercise - Media Advisory

2108-03:  Country music artist Randy Houser to headline Mountainfest concert at Fort Drum

                  Mountainfest Concert Announcement

2108-02:  Falcon Peak – Media Advisory

2108-01:  Senior Commander promotion – Media Advisory

2107-06:  Incoming garrison commander recalls connections to Fort Drum

                  Col. James J. Zacchino Jr. 1    Col. James J. Zacchino Jr. 2

2107-05:  Fort Drum to support STEM education for students with DoD STARBASE Academy

2107-04:  Fort Drum to hold change of command ceremony - Media Advisory

2107-03:  Brig. Gen. Beagle returns to Fort Drum, assumes command of 10th Mountain Division (LI) 

                  10th Mountain Division change of command

2107-02:  10th Mountain Division Change of Command Ceremony July 12 – Media Advisory

2107-01:  Missing Fort Drum Soldier found safe

2106-04:  Fort Drum leaders ask for public’s assistance locating a Soldier

                  Pfc. Eduard M. Flores

2106-03:  10th Combat Aviation Brigade's Task Force Dragon earns best overall Army aviation battalion

2106-02:  Fort Drum community members can get hooked on fishing in the North Country

2106-01:  SMA Grinston discusses leadership with Soldiers - addresses quality-of-life issues during post visit

2105-05:  Fort Drum Soldiers, veterans explore agricultural career paths

2105-04:  Fort Drum Child and Youth Services Gearing Up for Safe Summer Fun

2105-03:  Fort Drum to observe quiet hours on Memorial Day

2105-02:  Fort Drum - Army Corps of Engineers officials break ground on new UAS facility

2105-01:  Fort Drum to hold ground-breaking ceremony for new UAS facility

2104-05:  10th Mountain Division Announces Leadership Change

2104-04:  Fort Drum Housing Ranks Among Best in the Army

2104-03:  Fort Drum Releases 2020 Economic Impact Statement

2104-02:  Fort Drum Cultural Resources Program supports local school students with virtual history tours

2104-01:  Fort Drum job openings present opportunities to join a motivated team of professionals

                  FMWR Hiring graphic

2103-03:  Mountain Salute – Media Advisory

2103-02:  Fort Drum Fire and Emergency Services earns international accreditation status

                  2020 FES Photo    2016 Training Photo

2103-01:  New fire engine enhances Fort Drum firefighting capabilities

                  Photo 2    Photo 4    Photo 6

2102-01:  “D” Series Winter Challenge media advisory

2101-06:  Fort Drum officials work with federal, state, local agencies to finalize process for large-scale, off-post training events

2101-05:  Fort Drum among six Army installations slated for accelerated housing improvements

2101-04:  Fort Drum firefighters train on Remington Pond for cold-weather rescues

2101-02:  First vials of hope received - COVID-19 vaccine administered at Fort Drum

                   FD vaccinations 1   FD vaccinations 2   FD vaccinations 4   Nurse Paul Vaccine

2101-01:  Need-to-know, on the go, Fort Drum information accessible on Digital Garrison App

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2012-04:  Fort Drum NCOs promote community service through Sgt. Audie Murphy Club

                  Fort Drum SAMC

2012-03:  Missing Soldier Found Deceased

                  Corporal Hayden Harris

2012-02:  Fort Drum delivers holiday support to local organizations

                  10th Mtn Band at United Helpers      Holiday Delivery 3     Holiday Delivery 5

2012-01:  Fire station renovations bring comfort and joy to Fort Drum firefighters this holiday season

                  Renovations 1     Renovations 2 

2011-05:  Fort Drum Auto Skills Center assists community members with winter car care

      Auto Skills 1      Auto Skills 2

2011-04:  Media Advisory - Veterans Day Wreath Laying Ceremony

2011-03:  Wreath-laying ceremony honors WWII Italian POW buried in Fort Drum cemetery

                   Wreath Laying 1   Wreath Laying 2   Wreath Laying 3   Wreath Laying 4   Wreath Laying 5

2011-01:  Local effort makes teaching certification transfer easier for military spouses in New York state

2010-04:  Fort Drum employees ‘Purple Up’ to support annual Domestic Violence Awareness Month

                  Purple Up

2010-03:  MASTR-E Optimizing the Human Weapon System project demonstration

2010-02:  Fort Drum first responders awarded for actions taken during search-and-rescue

                  Fort Drum first responders

2010-01:  Fort Drum - Black River Firefighters team up for mutual aid training

                  Fort Drum Fire    Fort Drum Fire 2    Fort Drum Fire 3    Fort Drum Fire 4

2009-04:  Fort Drum upgrades security system at entrance gates

2009-03:  Department of the Army announces upcoming 2nd Brigade Combat Team rotation

2009-02:  Fort Drum’s Mountain Peak exercise starts Monday

2009-01:  Fort Drum first responders - community members commemorate 9-11 anniversary

                  Fort Drum commemorates 9-11     Fort Drum commemorates 9-11  2

2008-01:  Fort Drum earns 2020 Commander in Chief’s Annual Award for Installation Excellence

                  Fort Drum sign     FD 2020 Graphic­_26AUG2020     Memorial Park

2007-05:  Fort Drum BOSS facility reopens for single Soldiers

2007-04:  Eagle Scout leads project to honor tragic death at LeRay Mansion

                  Eagle project        Bell tower

2007-03:  Death of a 10th Mountain Division Soldier               Spc. Vincent Ibarria

2007-02:  Media Advisory - Fort Drum Soldier Receives Award for Saving Newborn's Life

2007-01:  10th Mountain Division Band finds way to perform under pandemic constraints 

                  MIOS performance

2006-03:  Fort Drum Soldier performs Heimlich, saves newborn's life

2006-02:  U.S. Army aims to hire 10,000 new Soldiers during three-day event

2006-01:  Housing survey yields positive ratings for Fort Drum’s Mountain Community Homes

2005-04:  10th Mountain Division's 2nd Brigade Combat Team changes leaders

                  2nd BCT COC 1    2nd BCT COC 2    2nd BCT COC 3

2005-03:  command team urges community to remain vigilant to COVID-19 measures during holiday weekend

2005-02:  Fort Drum will open cemeteries for public visitation on Memorial Day

2005-01:  History tours at Fort Drum continue virtually during pandemic

                  Fort Drum Lost Villages History Tour    History Tour

2004-09:  officials announce phased return to training, while some FMWR facilities will reopen next week

2004-08:  Fort Drum leaders address travel ban, other COVID-19 topics during town hall

2004-07:  Fort Drum Soldiers and families find much-needed morale boost and smiles at the USO

                  USO Volunteers 2   USO Volunteers 4

2004-06Fort Drum spouse puts smiles in focus during pandemic   Farrah Ramsey graphic

2004-05:  510th Human Resources Company answers the call for COVID-19 response

                 510th HR photos and captions   510 HR1   510 HR2   510 HR3

2004-04:  Fort Drum’s COVID-19 mitigation response to include face covering, barber shop closures  

                  Town Hall

2004-03:  10th Mountain Division welcomes new deputy commanding general   BG Eastman

2004-02:  Fort Drum chaplains deliver messages of faith hope and resilience during pandemic

2004-01:  Fort Drum command team connects with community through virtual town hall

2003-11:  Fort Drum and Northern New York Community Leaders unified in fight against COVID-19  Forum

2003-10:  Fort Drum workforce adjusts to meet challenges of COVID-19 pandemic  PX employee

2003-09:  10th Mountain Division chefs continue tradition of culinary excellence at Fort Drum

2003-08:  Fort Drum welcomes 10th Mountain Division senior enlisted leader, bids farewell to retiring CSM

                  DIV COR 1

2003-07:  Fort Drum officials update community with COVID-19 response, announce next town hall

2003-06:  Mission Training Complex supports Maryland Army NG with distributed training due to COVID-19

                  Fort Drum MTC    58th TOC

2003-05:  Fort Drum Part-Time Employee Tests Positive for COVID-19

2003-04:  New senior enlisted leader to take over 10th Mountain Division - Fort Drum

2003-03:  Fort Drum Soldiers entering quarantine upon return from South Korea  

                  48th Chemical Brigade patch 

2003-02:  Media Advisory - Women's History Month Observance   Flyer

2003-01:  10th Mountain Division Surgeon updates Fort Drum community on COVID-19

2002-03:  Media Advisory - D Series Winter Challenge

2002-02:  Media Advisory - Black History Month Observance

                  BHM 2020 Flyer

2002-01:  Fort Drum firefighters rescue trapped deer in Black River     
                  Deer rescue

2001-05:  Media Advisory - Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army

2001-04:  Army announces 10th Mountain Division rotation to Afghanistan

2001-03:  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Special Observance

                  MLK flyer 2020

2001-02:  Local firefighter named new Fort Drum fire chief

     Fort Drum fire chief 02    Fort Drum fire chief 04

2001-01:  More veterans eligible to shop, recreate at Fort Drum


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1912-02:  Army awards Fort Drum for its partnerships in the North Country

1912-01:  Department of the Army announces upcoming 1st Brigade Combat Team deployment

1911-05:  Range 1 Dedication Ceremony in Honor of LTC (Ret) Ernest Childers

1911-04:  Fort Drum will host Holiday Open House on Dec. 13

1911-03:  10th Mountain Division Senior Commander welcomes new Civilian Aide to Secretary of the Army

1911-02:  10th Mountain Division Band to perform five free holiday concerts in December  

                  Christmas Concerts

1911-01:  10th Mountain Division Veterans Day Wreath-Laying Ceremony

1910-06:  Repatriation ceremony brings WWII 31st Infantry Regiment Soldier home to rest              
Sgt. Hanscom

1910-05:  Agencies come together in search efforts for missing cadet

1910-04:  Fort Drum offers Lost Villages History Tour on Nov. 8

1910-03:  Haunted History Tour of the LeRay Mansion on Oct. 25

1910-02:  Fort Drum awarded for achievements in environmental restoration

1910-01:  2-15 FA Volunteer Recognition Luncheon (Media Advisory)

1909-09:  26th Anniversary of the Battle of Mogadishu (Media Advisory)

1909-08:  Public invited to 2nd Annual Beautify LeRay Day on Oct. 5

1909-07:  10th CAB Deployment Press Release

1909-06:  10th Mountain Division Run

1909-05:  Fort Drum Cultural Resource unearths historic artifacts to be featured at Fall Tour

1909-02:  Fort Drum Fall History Tour September 28

1909-01:  Housing town hall at Fort Drum raises seasonal concerns for community members

                  Col. Jeffery Lucas – Town Hall

1908-03:  10th Mountain Division Combat Aviation Brigade deployment announced

1908-02:  Fort Drum to test emergency readiness during full-scale exercise

1908-01:  Fort Drum's Final Summer Concert at LeRay Mansion, New Date and Time  

                  Concert Flyer

1907-05:  Fort Drum community welcomes new garrison commander

                Change of Command 1    Change of Command 2    Garrison Change of Command    

                  Col. Jeffery P. Lucas    Col. Jeffery P. Lucas BIO

1907-04:  Nationwide post housing survey released, Fort Drum housing ranked 8th in Army

1906-07:  Death of a 10th Mountain Division Soldier

1906-06:  Fort Drum offers a Hidden History Tour on July 10

1906-05:  Mountainfest Concert still on; Live demonstration, Salute to the Nation rescheduled

1906-04:  Annual Remembrance Ceremony June 19

1905-03:  Fort Drum to observe quiet hours on Memorial Day, May 27

1905-02:  Fort Drum’s Summer Concert Series at LeRay Mansion kicks off June 4

1905-01:  Fort Drum Announces New Welcome Center, Changes to Post Access Policy

1904-01:  Fort Drum offers History of Industry Tour on April 24

1903-04:  Fort Drum & 10th Mountain Division senior commander next assignment announced

1903-02:  Fort Drum Releases 2018 Economic Impact Statement

1903-01:  Senior Commander Transition Announced

1901-03:  Free Fort Drum App Available in iTunes and Google Play Stores

1901-01:  Fort Drum Medical Command announces changes to specialty care referrals


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1812-02:  Death of a 10th Mountain Division Soldier 

1811-05:  Fort Drum Holiday Tours will take place in December

1810-06:  Fort Drum offers Lost Villages History Tour

1810-05:  Learning the Haunted History of LeRay Mansion

1810-02:  10th Mountain Division Soldiers Return Home from Djibouti Deployment

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