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Fort Drum Network Enterprise Center (NEC) is a leading change organization that executes all policies, standards, architectures, programs, plans and budget for Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Information Management (C4IM) services.  Provide, protect and defend cyber connectivity with premier tactical capabilities to the warfighter.  Transform our operational capabilities to support the global Network Enterprise Construct, while developing and sustaining a quality workforce.​

​​Vision Statement:

The RNEC will lead the transformation of our operational capabilities to support the regional construct.  This will be accomplished as a cohesive organization with the utmost focus on defending the LandWarNet, synchronizing technologies, delivery of services, our customers and developing and sustaining a quality workforce in this current fiscal environment. This strategy will posture the region for enduring delivering and hosting as the regionalization construct evolves.


Army Enterprise Service Desk:

1 (866) 335-2769


Northeast Regional NEC


Bldg. 10690, Enduring Freedom Drive

Fort Drum, NY 13602