2406-07:  10th Mountain Division Soldiers take center stage at Mountainfest

                   Mountainfest 1     Mountainfest 2     Mountainfest 3     Mountainfest 4

2406-06:  10th Mountain Division inducts new members into Hall of Fame

                   10MTN Hall of Fame 01     10MTN Hall of Fame 02     10MTN Hall of Fame 03   

                   10MTN Hall of Fame 04

2406-05:  Italian miniseries premieres at Fort Drum, honors 10th Mountain Division's WWII history


2406-04:  Fort Drum community members join Gold Star families at Annual Remembrance Ceremony

                  2024 Annual Remembrance 2     2024 Annual Remembrance 4     2024 Annual Remembrance 8

2406-03:  Fort Drum & 10th Mountain Division invite community members to Mountainfest 2024 - Advisory

2406-02:  10th Mountain Division and Fort Drum to honor fallen Soldiers during Annual Remembrance Ceremony - Media Advisory

2406-01:  Museum exhibit on Fort Drum highlights 'Pando Commando' and its creator

                  Pando 1     Pando 2

2405-07:  'Transformation in Contact' at 10th Mountain Division's 2024 Counter-Unmanned Aerial Systems Symposium

2405-06:  Naumann takes command of 10th Mountain Division (LI) during Fort Drum ceremony

                  10th MTN DIV CoC 1     10th MTN DIV CoC 2

2405-05:  Maj. Gen. Gregory Anderson reflects on time leading 10th Mountain Division ahead of change of command - Media Advisory

2405-04:  Fort Drum to observe quiet hours on Memorial Day

2405-03:  10th Combat Aviation Brigade leaders case colors ahead of deployment

2405-02:  Three Soldiers earn 'Ace' status for downing enemy unmanned aircraft systems - Advisory

2405-01:  Fort Drum FMWR Combine Challenge showcases Soldiers' athleticism 

                  Combine 1     Combine 2     Combine 3

2404-08:  2BCT Uncasing Ceremony Scheduled May 2

2404-07:  Increased noise levels anticipated on Fort Drum Adirondack Range - Media Advisory

2404-06:  Fort Drum Releases Economic Impact Statement for Fiscal Year 2023

2404-05:  10th Mountain Division Sustainment Brigade hosts Innovative Technology Symposium  

                   Innovation Symposium 2     Innovation Symposium 3    Innovation Symposium 5

2404-04:  Fort Drum Officials Invite Community Members to Join Tour

2404-03:  Increased noise level anticipated on Fort Drum Range 48 during aviation training - Advisory

2404-02:  Fort Drum issues early release for personnel ahead of upcoming solar eclipse

2404-01:  NASA to Fly Uncrewed Aircraft Systems from Fort Drum to Study Weather Patterns during Total Eclipse - Media Advisory

2403-05:  10th Mountain Division and Fort Drum Announce Vietnam-era Gold Star Family Member to Speak at Annual Ceremony

2403-04:  Women Warriors will host Women's History Month Forum - Media Advisory

2403-03:  WWII unit that once haunted streets of Pine Camp set to receive Congressional Gold Medal

2403-01:  Taking a holistic approach to suicide prevention at Fort Drum 

                  HSP 1     HSP 2     HSP 3

2402-02:  Fort Drum Natural Resources staff takes 'rapid response' approach to fighting invasive species 

                  Fort Drum Natural Resources 1     Fort Drum Natural Resources 2

2402-01:  Fort Drum culinary specialists prepare for 48th Joint Culinary Training Event - Media Advisory

                  Fort Drum Culinary Arts Team - NHFC     Fort Drum Culinary Arts Team - PCOY     

                  Fort Drum Culinary Arts Team - SPCOY

2401-05:  Army Announces Upcoming 10th Combat Aviation Brigade Deployment

                  Army announces upcoming unit deployments

2401-04:  10th MDSB will conduct best Sustainer of the Quarter Competition - Media Advisory

2401-03:  10th Mountain Division holds promotion ceremony in honor of Col. Matthew Braman

                   Col. Matthew Braman - Bio 

2401-02:  10th Mountain Division Holds D-Series Challenge 2024 - Media Advisory

2401-01:  Fort Drum Safety offers winter driving, snow blower classes for post community members

                  Winter Classes

Closing Tab


2312-04:  10th Mountain Division command team uncases colors at Fort Drum

2312-03:  10th Mountain Division Redeployment Flights set Dec. 8 and 14 - Media Advisory

2312-02:  Fort Drum Natural Resources Branch awarded for environmental stewardship  

                  Fort Drum Natural Resources Award

2312-01:  10th Mountain Division conducts artillery training at Fort Drum and Vermont - Advisory

2311-03:  Trees for Troops brings holidays home for Fort Drum Soldiers and Families - Media Advisory 

2311-02:  10th Mountain Division hosts Veterans Day Ceremony

2311-01:  10th Combat Aviation Brigade Hosts Ruck for Families Food Drive

2310-06:  Take a guided hike with a Fort Drum forester     Bonaparte Trail

2310-05:  Fort Drum supports city neighbors during water emergency 

                   Water Distribution 1     Water Distribution 2     Water Distribution 3     Water Distribution 4     
                   Water Distribution 5

2310-04:  Fort Drum community members pack fire station for Firefighter for a Day event  

                  Firefighter2     Firefighter3     Firefighter5

2310-03:  33rd FMSU inactivation ceremony - Media Advisory

2310-02:  10th Mountain Division hosts Army Career Day - Media Advisory

2310-01:  10th Mountain Division combat medics use military training to save infant's life

2309-05:  10th Mountain Division will commemorate Battle of Mogadishu - Media Advisory

2309-04:  10th Combat Aviation Brigade conducts training in St. Lawrence River - Media Advisory 

2309-03:  Army survey confirms Fort Drum housing remains point of pride for Alpine Soldiers, families

                  Fort Drum housing

2309-02:  Twenty-two years after 9/11, Fort Drum community members still gather to reflect, remember 

                  9-11_1     9-11_2     9-11_3     9-11_4

2309-01:  10th Mountain Division and Fort Drum to commemorate 9/11 - Media Advisory

2308-04:  Fort Drum to observe quiet hours on Labor Day

2308-03:  10th Mountain Division SHARP hosts training summit

2308-02:  10th Mountain Division returns to its roots: Building teams, reclaiming alpine capabilities  

                  10th MD Staff Ride 1     10th MD Staff Ride 2     10th MD Staff Ride 3

2308-01:  Lt. Dan Band to perform free concert at Fort Drum - Media Advisory

2307-10:  Navy Reservists hone their medical skills during annual summer training at Fort Drum

                  Navy Reservists 1     Navy Reservists 2     Navy Reservists 3 

2307-09:  10th Mountain Division Hosts XVIII Airborne Corps Best Squad Competition - Media Advisory

2307-08:  Fort Drum agencies test emergency readiness capabilities during full-scale exercise  

                   FSE 1     FSE 2     FSE 3

2307-07:  Fort Drum conducts annual full-scale exercise

2307-06:  Fort Drum welcomes new garrison commander during change of command     

                  USAG-FD Change of Command 1     USAG-FD Change of Command 2

2307-05:  Fort Drum to hold change of command ceremony - Media Advisory

2307-04:  10th Mountain Division celebrates 80 Years Alpine     80 Years of Alpine

2307-03:  2nd Brigade Combat Team cases their colors at Fort Drum ahead of deployment 

                  2BCT casing 1     2BCT casing 2     2BCT casing 3

2307-02:  2BCT to case their colors ahead of deployment - Media Advisory

2307-01:  Fort Drum Natural Resources Branch makes kayaking more accessible on post

                  Kayak Fort Drum 1     Kayak Fort Drum 2

2306-08:  Fort Drum officials name conference room after first 10th Mountain Soldier to report 

                  McLane Memorialization 1      McLane Memorialization 2     McLane Memorialization 3

2306-07:  Fort Drum Light Fighters School named to honor WWII hero from 10th Mountain Division

                  McCown Memorialization 1     McCown Memorialization 2     McCown Memorialization 3 

2306-06:  Fort Drum community members, Gold Star families honor fallen 10th Mountain Soldiers         

                  Annual Remembrance 1     Annual Remembrance 2     Annual Remembrance 3

2306-05:  Fort Drum inducts Hall of Fame members - honors Man and Woman of the Mountain recipients

2306-04:  Fort Drum - 10th Mountain Division invite community members to Mountainfest 2023

2306-03:  Fort Drum outlines procedures for Mountainfest activities

2306-02:  10th Mountain - Fort Drum to honor fallen Soldiers during Annual Remembrance Ceremony

2306-01:  Fort Drum teen named New York State Military Youth of the Year     MYOY 1     MYOY 2

2305-07:  10th Mountain Division conducts air-assault training between Fort Drum and Griffiss Airport

2305-06:  Fort Drum hosts tour for emerging community leaders     JLI1     JLI2     JLI3

2305-05:  Fort Drum to observe quiet hours on Memorial Day

2305-04:  10th Mountain Division and Fort Drum host Army Career Day - Media Advisory

2305-03:  Fort Drum goes dark to test energy resiliency     

                  Fort Drum outage 1     Fort Drum outage 2     Fort Drum outage 3     Fort Drum outage 4     

                  Fort Drum outage 5     Fort Drum outage 6     Fort Drum outage 7

2305-02:  Fort Drum plans several power outages Tuesday

2305-01:  Rolling power outages exercise Fort Drum emergency plans

2304-07:  Military working dog teams compete for Top Dog honors at Fort Drum    Top Dog 1    Top Dog 2

2304-06:  Temporary Change at Fort Drum Gates Announced

2304-05:  Jimmie Allen to headline Fort Drum's Mountainfest concert 

                  Concert reveal 1     Concert reveal 2

2304-04:  Fort Drum celebrates volunteerism, exceptional community service     VOY 1     VOY 2

2304-03:  Fort Drum leaders' focus on sustainability key to local economic impact

2304-02:  Blue Bike Project raises awareness for Child Abuse Prevention Month   

                  Blue Bike Project 1     Blue Bike Project 2     Blue Bike Project 3

2304-01:  10th Mountain Division, 101st Airborne Division conduct transfer of authority ceremony

2303-06:  Fort Drum MPs train with fire, emergency services personnel on active shooter drills 

                  MGA 1     MGA 2     MGA 3 

2303-05:  Fort Drum leaders sign Month of the Military Child Proclamation 

                  MOMC Proclamation 1     MOMC Proclamation 2

2303-04:  Increased activity and noise levels anticipated on Fort Drum Range 48 during aviation training

2303-03:  Around and About Fort Drum: Spc. Toccara Green Memorial Motor Pool

                  Spc. Toccara Green      57th Transportation Co. Motor Pool dedication 

2303-02:  4-31 Infantry Plans Memorial on 20th Anniversary of Black Hawk Helicopter Crash March 11

2303-01:  10th Mountain Division (Light Infantry) Color Casing Ceremony set March 14 - UPDATED

2302-02:  Fort Drum SFRD earns DoD certification for family readiness programs     SFRD Certification

2302-01:  1BCT Uncasing Ceremony Feb. 3 -- Media Advisory 

2301-06:  First Lady Dr. Jill Biden meets with Soldiers, family members during Fort Drum tour 

                  Dr. Biden Visit 1     Dr. Biden Visit 2     Dr. Biden Visit 3     Dr. Biden Visit 4

2301-05:  Increased noise levels anticipated on Fort Drum Range 48 during aviation training

2301-04:  10th Mountain Division patching ceremony instills sense of pride, history in Soldiers 

                  Patching Ceremony 1     Patching Ceremony 2     Patching Ceremony 3

2301-03:  10th Mountain Division Holds D-Series Winter Challenge 2023 - Media Advisory

2301-02:  10th Mountain Division Sustainment Brigade hosts Best Sustainer Competition - Advisory 

2301-01:  Fort Drum officials discuss bald eagle protection with Falcon Brigade   

                  BGEPA_1     BGEPA_2     BGEPA_3

Closing Tab



2212-06:  Fort Drum Scouts support Wreaths Across America with Memorial Park ceremony 

                  WAA2022_1     WAA2022_3

2212-05:  Increased noise levels anticipated on Fort Drum Range 48 during aviation training 

2212-04:  Fort Drum welcomes over 100 1st BCT Soldiers redeploying from Middle East - Media Advisory

2212-03:  Trees for Troops bring holiday joy to Fort Drum Soldiers and families 

                   Trees for Troops 5     Trees for Troops 6     Trees for Troops 9     Trees for Troops 10

2212-02:  Trees for Troops brings Christmas home for Fort Drum Soldiers and families - Media Advisory

2212-01:  Fort Drum NCOs march on a mission to deliver 'Mountain of Toys'  

                  Mountain of Toys 1     Mountain of Toys 2     Mountain of Toys 3

2211-06:  Increased noise levels on Fort Drum Range 48 anticipated from aviation training

2211-05:  Fort Drum reacts to powerful snowstorm     Fort Drum Snow Ops 1     Fort Drum Snow Ops 2

                  Fort Drum Snow Ops 3     Fort Drum Snow Ops 4     Fort Drum Snow Ops 5   

2211-04:  10th Combat Aviation Brigade conducts 'Falcon Food Drive Ruck & Flight' -- Media Advisory 

2211-03:  Community pays tribute to veterans during Fort Drum wreath-laying ceremony

                  2022 Veterans Day ceremony 1     2022 Veterans Day ceremony 2     

                  2022 Veterans Day ceremony 3     2022 Veterans Day ceremony 4

2211-02:  Fort Drum and 10th Mountain Division observe Veterans Day with ceremony - Media Advisory

2211-01:  Fort Drum honors Italian POW with wreath-laying ceremony on National Unity Day 

                  2022 Italian wreath-laying ceremony 2     2022 Italian wreath-laying ceremony 3

                     2022 Italian wreath-laying ceremony 4

2210-07:  10th Mountain Division deputy commander, 10th CAB team discuss leadership, Army career opportunities with Norwich University cadets   

                   Division visit to Norwich U_01     Division visit to Norwich U_03     

                   Division visit to Norwich U_04     Division visit to Norwich U_05

2210-06:  10th Mountain Division Soldiers help to save victim of fuel truck explosion

                   Lundemo - Hayes

2210-05:  Fort Drum's financial management professionals ensure year-end spending yields big results 

2210-04:  Fort Drum boasts rainbow of colorful fall foliage 

                  Fort Drum Fall Foliage 1     Fort Drum Fall Foliage 2

2210-03:  Fort Drum officials offer Lost Villages History Tour      Lost Villages Tour 2019

2210-02:  Purple Up for Domestic Violence Awareness Month     DVAM 1

2210-01:  Fort Drum Conducts Apache Gunnery Range on Oct. 5 and Mountain Peak Exercise

2209-09:  Fort Drum FMWR earns National Gold Medal Award for park and recreation management

2209-08:  Students explore STEM education at Fort Drum's STARBASE Academy 

                  STARBASE 1     STARBASE 2

2209-07:  Fort Drum privatized housing scores well in Army survey  

                  Rhicard Hills community     2021 NNO 10

2209-06:  Maj. Gen. Gregory Anderson assumes command of 10th Mountain Division 

                  MG Anderson 02     MG Anderson 03

2209-05:  Fort Drum community members, first responders pause to remember 9/11 

                  Sept 11 Wreath Laying 1     Sept 11 Wreath Laying 2     Sept 11 Wreath Laying 3

2209-04:  10th Mountain Division (LI) to conduct Change of Command Ceremony - Media Advisory

2209-03:  Operation Mountain Awareness opens doors to recruit talent from Northeast 

2209-02:  Noncommissioned Officer Academy named after revered 10th Mountain Division senior adviser

2209-01:  Dole Barracks memorialization honors late U.S. senator, 10th Mountain Division war veteran

2208-12:  Fort Drum inducts Hall of Fame members, honors Man and Woman of the Mountain recipients

2208-11:  Annual Remembrance Ceremony honors sacrifice of fallen 10th Mountain Division Soldiers 

2208-10:  Fort Drum, 10th Mountain Division invite North Country friends to Mountainfest 2022

2208-09:  Fort Drum gate memorialization honors service, legacy of modern 10th Mountain patriarch

2208-08:  Fort Drum track memorialized for legendary coach - 10th Mountain veteran 

2208-07:  10th Mountain Division (LI), Fort Drum to honor fallen Soldiers during Annual Remembrance

2208-06:  Fort Drum welcomes 'Soldier for Life' community to annual Retiree Appreciation Day

2208-05:  Fort Drum names gate in honor of former 10th Mountain Division Chief of Staff - Advisory

2208-04:  Fort Drum officials outline procedures for those planning to attend Mountainfest

2208-03:  Fort Drum names outdoor track in honor of former 10th Mountain Soldier, Nike co-founder

2208-02:  10th Mountain Division holds Promotion Ceremony for Col. (P) Jason A. Curl - Advisory

2208-01:  548th Division Sustainment Battalion holds a Redeployment Ceremony - Advisory - Updated  

2207-12:  Fort Drum MPs return from deployment in support of NATO allies   

                  Gov Hochul visit 03     91st MPs Group Photo     91st Welcome Home     91st Welcome Home 1     
                  91st Welcome Home 2     91st Welcome Home 3     91st Welcome Home 4     

2207-11:  10th Mountain Division Commander to speak to Fort Jackson Basic Combat Training Graduation

2207-10:  Volunteer firefighters hone skills at Fort Drum FES training facility

2207-09:  Navy reservists practice tactical field care, medical skills during annual Operation Commanding Force at Fort Drum 

2207-08:  Officials break ground on new railhead project at Fort Drum 

                  Railhead groundbreaking 1     Railhead groundbreaking 2     Railhead groundbreaking 3 

2207-07:  Fort Drum to break ground on multimillion-dollar railhead project - Advisory

2207-06:  10th Mountain Division (LI) holds Change of Responsibility Ceremony on July 20 - Advisory

2207-05:  Annual full-scale exercise tests emergency response of Fort Drum, community partners     

                  2022 FSE - 01     2202 FSE - 04     2022 FSE - 06     2022 FSE - 08

2207-04:  10th Mountain Division and Fort Drum to conduct emergency response exercise - Advisory

2207-03:  Fort Drum to conduct annual emergency response exercise

2207-02:  Fort Drum PW team rebuilds dam in Historic LeRay Mansion District   

                  Fort Drum dam repair 02     Fort Drum dam repair 04     Fort Drum dam project 07

2207-01:  Fort Drum Soldier Identified as Shooting Victim 

2206-03:  10th Mountain Division and Fort Drum Museum Hosts Grand Opening (Media Advisory)

2206-02:  Fort Drum New Parent Support Program helps community prepare healthy snacks for summer                    
                  NPSP Cooking 1     NPSP Cooking 2     NPSP Cooking 3

2206-01:  Fort Drum PW in-house workforce putting essential combat training range back in operation

                  Range23 1     Range23 2     Range23 3

2205-07:  Department of Defense Announces Promotion and Next Assignment for Fort Drum & 10th Mountain Division Senior Commander

2205-06:  Around and About Fort Drum - Wheeler-Sack Army Airfield     WheelerSack

2205-05:  Fort Drum community observes Memorial Day with wreath-laying ceremony 

                  Fort Drum Memorial Day 1     Fort Drum Memorial Day 2     Fort Drum Memorial Day 3

2205-04:  Fort Drum to observe quiet hours on Memorial Day 

2205-03:  Secretary of the Army observes 10th Mountain Division training, tours Fort Drum 

                  SecArmy E3B 1     SecArmy E3B 2     SecArmy E3B 3

2205-02:  Symposium on cultural property protection brings international professionals to Fort Drum  

                  Symposium 1     Symposium 3

2205-01:  Fort Drum named best IMCOM-Readiness installation 

                  IMCOM Best Garrison Readiness

2204-06:  English as a Second Language class at Fort Drum empowers community members to connect

                  ESL Class 1    ESL Class 2     ESL Class 3

2204-05:  Fort Drum Soldiers exercise rapid response skills at gates  

2204-04:  Fort Drum releases 2021 Economic Impact Statement

2204-03:  Fort Drum garrison commander hosts Italian delegation on installation tour 

                  Italian delegation visit 1     Italian delegation visit 3     Italian delegation 4     Italian delegation 5

2204-02:  Unmanned aircraft crashes at Wheeler-Sack Army Airfield

                  UAS WSAAF Crash

2204-01:  Fort Drum chefs share passion for cooking with local culinary students 

                  10thMTNChefs CiTi     10thMTN Chefs CiTi2

2203-03:  10th Mountain Division to support U.S. Coast Guard in overwater search-and-rescue operations 

                  MOU 01     MOU 03     MOU 4

2203-02:  Fort Drum, local fire departments respond to housing fire on post

                  MonumentRidgeFire 1     MonumentRidgeFire 2     MonumentRidgeFire 3

2203-01:  Fort Drum to improve water security with key infrastructure project 

                  Water bottle at fountain

2202-07:  Range Branch employees expand Soldiers' training capabilities with new Convoy Live-Fire Range, Infantry Platoon Battle Course 

                  Range collage

2202-06:  10th Mountain Division Soldiers travel to Colorado to train and honor division's legacy   

                  Vail 1     Vail 2     Vail 3     Vail 4     Vail 5     Vail 6     Vail 7     Vail 8

2202-05:  Validation process tests Fort Drum Military Working Dog team readiness   

                   MDW1     MDW2     MWD3     MWD4

2202-04:  Fort Drum Soldiers deploy in support of NATO allies in Europe 

                  Deployment 1     Deployment 2     Deployment 3     Deployment 4     

                  Deployment 5     Deployment 6     Deployment 7     Deployment 8

2202-03:  Fort Drum Fire and Emergency Services welcomes new engine at Wheeler-Sack Army Airfield   

                  Fort Drum Fire Engine

2202-02:  Governor Hochul speaks with deploying Soldiers from Fort Drum   

                  Gov Hochul visit 1     Gov Hochul visit 2     Gov Hochul visit 4  

2202-01:  Soldiers from Fort Drum will deploy to Europe

2201-07:  Fort Drum & 10th Mountain Division Holds D-Series Winter Challenge 2022 - Media Advisory

2201-06:  Engineers clear battlespace for training on Division Hill on Fort Drum 

                  Engineers 1     Engineers 2 

2201-05:  Fort Drum firefighters conduct ice rescue training 

                  Rescue training 1      Rescue training 2      Rescue training 3

2201-04:  Around and About Fort Drum: Henry V. Cumoletti Courthouse 

                  Cumoletti Portrait     Courthouse exterior     Courthouse interior     Courtroom plaque

2201-03:  Fort Drum Transitions to Health Protection Condition Bravo 

2201-02:  Fort Drum Financial Readiness Program offers tax time tips 

2201-01:  Fort Drum seeks input from parents on child care services

Closing Tab



2112-04:  Firefighting Foam Released in Fort Drum Hangar

                  6-6 Foam Release 17 Dec 21

2112-03:  Fort Drum's Courtesy Patrol reinforces positive community presence 

                  Courtesy Patrol

2112-02:  10th Mountain Division honors one of their own, Senator Bob Dole

2112-01:  Twenty-five years, and Mountain of Toys at Fort Drum keeps growing

                  2021 MOT 01     2021 MOT 04     2021 MOT 06

2111-03:  Fort Drum culinary specialists cook up holiday feast for thousands 

                  DFAC Thanksgiving 1   DFAC Thanksgiving 2     DFAC Thanksgiving 3     DFAC Thanksgiving 4                                DFAC Thanksgiving 5   DFAC Thanksgiving 6     DFAC Thanksgiving 7     DFAC Thanksgiving 8

2111-02:  Fort Drum to conduct Veterans Day ceremony to honor past and present veterans

2111-01:  Access control changes minimal at Fort Drum gates with vaccination deadlines approaching

2110-03:  Fort Drum's Mountain Peak exercise starts Monday

2110-02:  Runners represent Fort Drum, 10th Mountain Division in virtual Army Ten-Miler race 

2110-01:  Fort Drum FAP shedding light on domestic violence

2109-10:  Air Force F-22s make first landing at Fort Drum airfield for rapid refueling operation

2109-09:  Death of Three 10th Mountain Division Soldiers

2109-07:  New Fort Drum railhead project to further readiness capabilities for 10th Mountain Division

2109-06:  10th Mountain Division and Fort Drum to commemorate 9/11 during ceremony – Media Advisory

2109-05:  Fort Drum cemeteries open to visitors on Labor Day

2109-04:  Welcome Home Ceremony for Returning Soldiers September 6 – Media Advisory – Update 4

2109-03:  Retired 10th Mountain Division Soldier awarded Silver Star for courage, sacrifice under fire

                  Silver Star - Holroyd 1     Silver Star - Holroyd 2

2109-02:  Salute to the Nation - live demo showcase 10th Mountain Division pride

2109-01:  Fort Drum officials conduct rededication ceremony at Atkins Functional Fitness Facility

     Atkins MOH     Atkins rededication

2108-08:  Fort Drum & 10th Mountain Division Holds Mountainfest 2021 - Media Advisory

2108-07:  Chief of Chaplains to visit Fort Drum and kick off spirituality pilot program – Media Advisory

2108-06:  Soldiers thwart attempted theft while training on Fort Drum

2108-05:  10th CAB takes to the skies as Falcon Peak comes to a close

2108-04:  Fort Drum to assess emergency readiness during full-scale exercise - Media Advisory

2108-03:  Country music artist Randy Houser to headline Mountainfest concert at Fort Drum

                  Mountainfest Concert Announcement

2108-02:  Falcon Peak – Media Advisory

2108-01:  Senior Commander promotion – Media Advisory

2107-06:  Incoming garrison commander recalls connections to Fort Drum

                  Col. James J. Zacchino Jr. 1    Col. James J. Zacchino Jr. 2

2107-05:  Fort Drum to support STEM education for students with DoD STARBASE Academy

2107-04:  Fort Drum to hold change of command ceremony - Media Advisory

2107-03:  Brig. Gen. Beagle returns to Fort Drum, assumes command of 10th Mountain Division (LI) 

                  10th Mountain Division change of command

2107-02:  10th Mountain Division Change of Command Ceremony July 12 – Media Advisory

2107-01:  Missing Fort Drum Soldier found safe

2106-04:  Fort Drum leaders ask for public’s assistance locating a Soldier

                  Pfc. Eduard M. Flores

2106-03:  10th Combat Aviation Brigade's Task Force Dragon earns best overall Army aviation battalion

2106-02:  Fort Drum community members can get hooked on fishing in the North Country

2106-01:  SMA Grinston discusses leadership with Soldiers - addresses quality-of-life issues during post visit

2105-05:  Fort Drum Soldiers, veterans explore agricultural career paths

2105-04:  Fort Drum Child and Youth Services Gearing Up for Safe Summer Fun

2105-03:  Fort Drum to observe quiet hours on Memorial Day

2105-02:  Fort Drum - Army Corps of Engineers officials break ground on new UAS facility

2105-01:  Fort Drum to hold ground-breaking ceremony for new UAS facility

2104-05:  10th Mountain Division Announces Leadership Change

2104-04:  Fort Drum Housing Ranks Among Best in the Army

2104-03:  Fort Drum Releases 2020 Economic Impact Statement

2104-02:  Fort Drum Cultural Resources Program supports local school students with virtual history tours

2104-01:  Fort Drum job openings present opportunities to join a motivated team of professionals

                  FMWR Hiring graphic

2103-03:  Mountain Salute – Media Advisory

2103-02:  Fort Drum Fire and Emergency Services earns international accreditation status

                  2020 FES Photo    2016 Training Photo

2103-01:  New fire engine enhances Fort Drum firefighting capabilities

                  Photo 2    Photo 4    Photo 6

2102-01:  “D” Series Winter Challenge media advisory

2101-06:  Fort Drum officials work with federal, state, local agencies to finalize process for large-scale, off-post training events

2101-05:  Fort Drum among six Army installations slated for accelerated housing improvements

2101-04:  Fort Drum firefighters train on Remington Pond for cold-weather rescues

2101-02:  First vials of hope received - COVID-19 vaccine administered at Fort Drum

                   FD vaccinations 1   FD vaccinations 2   FD vaccinations 4   Nurse Paul Vaccine

2101-01:  Need-to-know, on the go, Fort Drum information accessible on Digital Garrison App

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2012-04:  Fort Drum NCOs promote community service through Sgt. Audie Murphy Club

                  Fort Drum SAMC

2012-03:  Missing Soldier Found Deceased

                  Corporal Hayden Harris

2012-02:  Fort Drum delivers holiday support to local organizations

                  10th Mtn Band at United Helpers      Holiday Delivery 3     Holiday Delivery 5

2012-01:  Fire station renovations bring comfort and joy to Fort Drum firefighters this holiday season

                  Renovations 1     Renovations 2 

2011-05:  Fort Drum Auto Skills Center assists community members with winter car care

      Auto Skills 1      Auto Skills 2

2011-04:  Media Advisory - Veterans Day Wreath Laying Ceremony

2011-03:  Wreath-laying ceremony honors WWII Italian POW buried in Fort Drum cemetery

                   Wreath Laying 1   Wreath Laying 2   Wreath Laying 3   Wreath Laying 4   Wreath Laying 5

2011-01:  Local effort makes teaching certification transfer easier for military spouses in New York state

2010-04:  Fort Drum employees ‘Purple Up’ to support annual Domestic Violence Awareness Month

                  Purple Up

2010-03:  MASTR-E Optimizing the Human Weapon System project demonstration

2010-02:  Fort Drum first responders awarded for actions taken during search-and-rescue

                  Fort Drum first responders

2010-01:  Fort Drum - Black River Firefighters team up for mutual aid training

                  Fort Drum Fire    Fort Drum Fire 2    Fort Drum Fire 3    Fort Drum Fire 4

2009-04:  Fort Drum upgrades security system at entrance gates

2009-03:  Department of the Army announces upcoming 2nd Brigade Combat Team rotation

2009-02:  Fort Drum’s Mountain Peak exercise starts Monday

2009-01:  Fort Drum first responders - community members commemorate 9-11 anniversary

                  Fort Drum commemorates 9-11     Fort Drum commemorates 9-11  2

2008-01:  Fort Drum earns 2020 Commander in Chief’s Annual Award for Installation Excellence

                  Fort Drum sign     FD 2020 Graphic­_26AUG2020     Memorial Park

2007-05:  Fort Drum BOSS facility reopens for single Soldiers

2007-04:  Eagle Scout leads project to honor tragic death at LeRay Mansion

                  Eagle project        Bell tower

2007-03:  Death of a 10th Mountain Division Soldier               Spc. Vincent Ibarria

2007-02:  Media Advisory - Fort Drum Soldier Receives Award for Saving Newborn's Life

2007-01:  10th Mountain Division Band finds way to perform under pandemic constraints 

                  MIOS performance

2006-03:  Fort Drum Soldier performs Heimlich, saves newborn's life

2006-02:  U.S. Army aims to hire 10,000 new Soldiers during three-day event

2006-01:  Housing survey yields positive ratings for Fort Drum’s Mountain Community Homes

2005-04:  10th Mountain Division's 2nd Brigade Combat Team changes leaders

                  2nd BCT COC 1    2nd BCT COC 2    2nd BCT COC 3

2005-03:  command team urges community to remain vigilant to COVID-19 measures during holiday weekend

2005-02:  Fort Drum will open cemeteries for public visitation on Memorial Day

2005-01:  History tours at Fort Drum continue virtually during pandemic

                  Fort Drum Lost Villages History Tour    History Tour

2004-09:  officials announce phased return to training, while some FMWR facilities will reopen next week

2004-08:  Fort Drum leaders address travel ban, other COVID-19 topics during town hall

2004-07:  Fort Drum Soldiers and families find much-needed morale boost and smiles at the USO

                  USO Volunteers 2   USO Volunteers 4

2004-06Fort Drum spouse puts smiles in focus during pandemic   Farrah Ramsey graphic

2004-05:  510th Human Resources Company answers the call for COVID-19 response

                 510th HR photos and captions   510 HR1   510 HR2   510 HR3

2004-04:  Fort Drum’s COVID-19 mitigation response to include face covering, barber shop closures  

                  Town Hall

2004-03:  10th Mountain Division welcomes new deputy commanding general   BG Eastman

2004-02:  Fort Drum chaplains deliver messages of faith hope and resilience during pandemic

2004-01:  Fort Drum command team connects with community through virtual town hall

2003-11:  Fort Drum and Northern New York Community Leaders unified in fight against COVID-19  Forum

2003-10:  Fort Drum workforce adjusts to meet challenges of COVID-19 pandemic  PX employee

2003-09:  10th Mountain Division chefs continue tradition of culinary excellence at Fort Drum

2003-08:  Fort Drum welcomes 10th Mountain Division senior enlisted leader, bids farewell to retiring CSM

                  DIV COR 1

2003-07:  Fort Drum officials update community with COVID-19 response, announce next town hall

2003-06:  Mission Training Complex supports Maryland Army NG with distributed training due to COVID-19

                  Fort Drum MTC    58th TOC

2003-05:  Fort Drum Part-Time Employee Tests Positive for COVID-19

2003-04:  New senior enlisted leader to take over 10th Mountain Division - Fort Drum

2003-03:  Fort Drum Soldiers entering quarantine upon return from South Korea  

                  48th Chemical Brigade patch 

2003-02:  Media Advisory - Women's History Month Observance   Flyer

2003-01:  10th Mountain Division Surgeon updates Fort Drum community on COVID-19

2002-03:  Media Advisory - D Series Winter Challenge

2002-02:  Media Advisory - Black History Month Observance

                  BHM 2020 Flyer

2002-01:  Fort Drum firefighters rescue trapped deer in Black River     
                  Deer rescue

2001-05:  Media Advisory - Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army

2001-04:  Army announces 10th Mountain Division rotation to Afghanistan

2001-03:  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Special Observance

                  MLK flyer 2020

2001-02:  Local firefighter named new Fort Drum fire chief

     Fort Drum fire chief 02    Fort Drum fire chief 04

2001-01:  More veterans eligible to shop, recreate at Fort Drum


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1912-02:  Army awards Fort Drum for its partnerships in the North Country

1912-01:  Department of the Army announces upcoming 1st Brigade Combat Team deployment

1911-05:  Range 1 Dedication Ceremony in Honor of LTC (Ret) Ernest Childers

1911-04:  Fort Drum will host Holiday Open House on Dec. 13

1911-03:  10th Mountain Division Senior Commander welcomes new Civilian Aide to Secretary of the Army

1911-02:  10th Mountain Division Band to perform five free holiday concerts in December  

                  Christmas Concerts

1911-01:  10th Mountain Division Veterans Day Wreath-Laying Ceremony

1910-06:  Repatriation ceremony brings WWII 31st Infantry Regiment Soldier home to rest              
Sgt. Hanscom

1910-05:  Agencies come together in search efforts for missing cadet

1910-04:  Fort Drum offers Lost Villages History Tour on Nov. 8

1910-03:  Haunted History Tour of the LeRay Mansion on Oct. 25

1910-02:  Fort Drum awarded for achievements in environmental restoration

1910-01:  2-15 FA Volunteer Recognition Luncheon (Media Advisory)

1909-09:  26th Anniversary of the Battle of Mogadishu (Media Advisory)

1909-08:  Public invited to 2nd Annual Beautify LeRay Day on Oct. 5

1909-07:  10th CAB Deployment Press Release

1909-06:  10th Mountain Division Run

1909-05:  Fort Drum Cultural Resource unearths historic artifacts to be featured at Fall Tour

1909-02:  Fort Drum Fall History Tour September 28

1909-01:  Housing town hall at Fort Drum raises seasonal concerns for community members

                  Col. Jeffery Lucas – Town Hall

1908-03:  10th Mountain Division Combat Aviation Brigade deployment announced

1908-02:  Fort Drum to test emergency readiness during full-scale exercise

1908-01:  Fort Drum's Final Summer Concert at LeRay Mansion, New Date and Time  

                  Concert Flyer

1907-05:  Fort Drum community welcomes new garrison commander

                Change of Command 1    Change of Command 2    Garrison Change of Command    

                  Col. Jeffery P. Lucas    Col. Jeffery P. Lucas BIO

1907-04:  Nationwide post housing survey released, Fort Drum housing ranked 8th in Army

1906-07:  Death of a 10th Mountain Division Soldier

1906-06:  Fort Drum offers a Hidden History Tour on July 10

1906-05:  Mountainfest Concert still on; Live demonstration, Salute to the Nation rescheduled

1906-04:  Annual Remembrance Ceremony June 19

1905-03:  Fort Drum to observe quiet hours on Memorial Day, May 27

1905-02:  Fort Drum’s Summer Concert Series at LeRay Mansion kicks off June 4

1905-01:  Fort Drum Announces New Welcome Center, Changes to Post Access Policy

1904-01:  Fort Drum offers History of Industry Tour on April 24

1903-04:  Fort Drum & 10th Mountain Division senior commander next assignment announced

1903-02:  Fort Drum Releases 2018 Economic Impact Statement

1903-01:  Senior Commander Transition Announced

1901-03:  Free Fort Drum App Available in iTunes and Google Play Stores

1901-01:  Fort Drum Medical Command announces changes to specialty care referrals


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1812-02:  Death of a 10th Mountain Division Soldier 

1811-05:  Fort Drum Holiday Tours will take place in December

1810-06:  Fort Drum offers Lost Villages History Tour

1810-05:  Learning the Haunted History of LeRay Mansion

1810-02:  10th Mountain Division Soldiers Return Home from Djibouti Deployment

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