Mission Statement:

Our Mission: Fort Drum community’s first choice for health readiness.

Our Vision: To make everyone – teammate and patient – feel like part of our Family.

Our Values: Our Home, Our Family, Our Best! MEDDAC crest.jpg



Divisions and Services:

Army Hearing Program – The staff works to prevent noise-induced hearing loss in Soldiers and to ensure their maximum combat effectiveness.

Army Public Health Nurse – The staff provides education and clinical services directed toward the promotion of healthy lifestyles and prevention of illness or injury.

Army Wellness Center – The staff provides customized prevention programs and services to build and sustain optimal health and improve the overall lifestyles of Soldiers, Family Members, retirees and Department of the Army Civilians.

Behavioral Health – The staff provides outpatient assessment, diagnosis and treatment for behavioral health and traumatic brain injury rehabilitation to active-duty Soldiers and their Family Members.

Chiropractics – The staff provides health care that focuses on the improvement of biomechanics and function of the musculoskeletal system (currently only available to active-duty military personnel).

Conner Troop Medical Clinic – The staff provides primary care and ambulatory medical services for the 10th Mountain Division (LI), Fort Drum active-duty population, as well as Army Reserve / National Guard service members attending annual training on the installation.

Dental Clinic – The staff provides responsive and reliable oral health services and influences positive dental health practices to improve readiness and advance wellness.

Dermatology – The staff provides assessment, diagnosis and treatment of the full spectrum of diseases of the skin, hair and nails in patients of all ages.

Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) – This comprehensive, coordinated, multi-agency program provides community support, housing, medical, educational and personnel services to military Families with a special needs Family Member.

Environmental Health – The staff provides environmental health services to all Soldiers, Civilians and Family Members through anticipation, identification, assessment, communication and management of health risks posed by environmental health hazards.

Industrial Hygiene – The staff provides support to the warfighter, conserves resources and enhances readiness by anticipating, recognizing, evaluating and controlling health hazards where military and civilian personnel work and serve.

Laboratory – The staff conducts laboratory analysis used in the diagnosis and treatment of disease and in the maintenance of health.

Nutrition Clinic – The staff provides medical nutrition therapy, nutrition education and fitness education for active-duty service members, retirees and Family Members.

OB/GYN – The staff provides obstetrical and gynecological care to military beneficiaries.  Services include prenatal and postnatal care, high-risk obstetrics, fetal monitoring, lactation counseling, midwifery services, dating ultrasounds, well woman exams, contraceptive counseling, management of abnormal Pap smears, cancer screening, treatment of pre-cancerous lesions, treatment of urinary incontinence, pessary fittings, treatment of recurrent pregnancy loss, treatment of common gynecological complaints and surgical management of OB/GYN-related issues.

Occupational Health – The staff protects civilian and military employees from occupational injuries, illnesses and exposures due to hazardous materials or environment.

Occupational Therapy – The staff provides evaluations and treatments of Soldiers diagnosed with upper extremity and cognitive injuries affecting routine and instrumental activities of daily living, work and leisure tasks.

Optometry – The staff provides comprehensive ocular and vision care through examination, diagnosis and treatment.

Orthopedics – The staff provides assessment, diagnosis and treatment of fractures and surgical orthopedic diseases.

Pain Management – The staff provides pain management services to relieve the physical and psychosocial symptoms associated with pain while maintaining the patient’s level of function, promoting optimal recovery and healing.

Pharmacy – The staff provides safe, responsive and quality pharmaceutical care and services to the Soldiers, retirees and Family Members of Fort Drum and the surrounding communities.

Physical Therapy – The staff provides independent evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and management of all musculoskeletal conditions.

Podiatry – The staff provides podiatric evaluation and treatment to beneficiaries. Services offered include plantar wart therapy, tape and cast immobilization, orthotic evaluation and casting, nail surgery, steroid injection and diabetic foot care.

Preventive Medicine – The staff promotes readiness, prevents disease and protects the health of the Fort Drum community through surveillance, education and active prevention of health care issues.

Primary Care Clinic – The staff provides assessment, diagnosis and treatment of physical or psychosocial problems, promotes quality patient care through integration of scientific medical principles, and incorporates the patient and family in planning and implementation of the patient’s care.

Radiology – The staff provides diagnostic radiographic examinations and readings of examinations to referring health care providers, which in turn will be used in diagnosis and/or treatment of patients for illness or injuries.

Soldier Readiness Clinic – The staff maintains the health and medical readiness of Fort Drum and the 10th Mountain Division through medical in-processing, deployment and redeployment medical readiness, post health deployment re-assessments, mobilization and demobilization for Reserve and National Guard members, individual medical readiness and yearly influenza vaccination for active-duty Soldiers.

Traumatic Brain Injury – The staff provides comprehensive, multidisciplinary strategies in a design to facilitate the rehabilitation and reintegration of service members who have suffered a mild traumatic brain injury (concussion).


Contact information:


Access Center / Appointment Line:

(315) 772-2778

General Inquiries and Patient Advocate:

(315) 772-4655

Organizational Directory:




Guthrie Ambulatory Health Care Clinic

(315) 772-2778

Bldg. 11050, Mount Belvedere Boulevard

Fort Drum, NY 13602

Hours of Operation:

Primary Care:

7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday


7:30 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. Monday to Friday


Behavioral Health and specialty clinic hours may vary.

Closed on federal holidays; open on DONSAs (days of no scheduled activities) unless otherwise announced.