Provide customer-valued Public Works operations, service and support. Maintain and expand our customer base, direct and reimbursable. Take care of internal and external customers while providing a predictable quality of life and a safe, secure environment. Make efficient use of resources from all sources by using customer-defined priorities. Shape the Public Works capability to meet the sustainment base and power projection requirements of the 21st century.



Motivated, dynamic professionals, organized around flexible, responsive team structures, providing environmentally sound customer-valued services, through a streamlined process, leveraging credit cards, additional core authorities, partnership, outsourcing and privatization. This results-oriented organization will be sustained through innovation, continuous improvement and competitive service delivery methods.



(315) 774-5839

Directorate of Public Works
Bldg. 4205, Po Valley Road
Fort Drum, NY 13602


Divisions and Services:


Business and Operations Integration Division (BOID)

Engineering, Plans and Services (EPS) Division

Environmental Division

Housing Division

Operations and Maintenance Division