Welcome to the MP Basic Officer Leader Course

1. The Military Police Basic Officer Leader Course serves as the beginning of your professional military career. It is important that you prepare yourself mentally and physically for this course. A good attitude and motivation during your time here at Fort Leonard Wood will make this challenging 18 week course both rewarding and successful.

2. The program of instruction (POI) is designed to prepare students for the leadership, training, and administrative requirements of a successful platoon leader. Graduates of the Military Police Basic Officer Leadership Course are agile, adaptive leaders who possess the technical and tactical skills required to successfully lead a platoon in both garrison and combat.

3. Administrative Information.

a. While in training at Fort Leonard Wood (FLW), you will be assigned to B Company, 701st Military Police Battalion.

b. You will report to Bravo Company, 701st MP Battalion during duty hours from 0800-1700 Monday – Friday. The Company is located at 840 Colorado Avenue, adjacent to the 701st MP BN Headquarters. You will report in appropriate duty uniform and within grooming standards set forth by AR 670-1. If you arrive and are unable to find an Operations personnel, please return later in the day. If you are Active Duty and you arrive after duty hours or on a weekend/holiday, you will sign-in with the Watch Officer located at Hoge Hall in the Maneuver Support Center of Excellence, Building 3200, (Contact: 573–563–6126), and you will report to Bravo Company on the following duty day during regular duty hours. If you are National Guard (NG) or US Army Reserve (USAR) and arrive after duty hours or on a weekend/holiday, report to Bravo Company on the next duty day. Failure to provide a proper DA Form 31 or approved absence documentation generated by the Integrated Personnel and Pay System – Army (IPPS-A) will prevent you from properly in-processing Fort Leonard Wood.

c. All installation in-processing will be conducted in your Duty Uniform. Have in your possession all relevant personnel records that you receive from your departing unit. Bring with you to Fort Leonard Wood at least 6 copies of your orders.

d. During the Military Police Basic Officer Leader Course students usually reside in on-post temporary lodging.

e. You must have and bring an appropriate number of uniforms for the course. Your primary uniform for the course will be the OCP uniform with patrol cap. During your time here, you will also be required to wear your ASU/AGSU and beret/service cap. Additionally, ensure you bring at least one set of business casual wear appropriate for wear to after duty hours military functions. For examples of business casual wear, you may visit this site: http://www.military.com/veteran-jobs/career-advice. You will be expected to project a professional military appearance at times and will be held to standard while you are a student here. Ensure your clothing choices reflect your status as a professional military officer.

f. You will participate in physical training daily. The uniform for PT is the APFU consisting of the short or long sleeve T-shirt, white/black cotton socks with no logos, black shorts and running shoes. During the winter (between 1 September - 1 May) months you are required to have one winter APFU to include the black micro-fleece cap, black pants, and black jacket, and leather gloves. Per Fort Leonard Wood policy, you are required to wear a reflectorized vest at any time you are wearing the APFU. This will be issued to you during the first week of MPBOLC.

g. You are not required to bring any publications or manuals. You will be provided computer access upon arrival in order to access publications and references on-line.

h. Many students wish to hunt or shoot while in the course. It is lawful to bring weapons to Fort Leonard Wood. All weapons must be registered with the Provost Marshal’s Office if those weapons are stored in on-post housing or are brought onto the installation (for use at the Privately Owned Weapons (POW) Range or MWR Range). A weekly Range Safety Officer (RSO) course is also taught here and is required for the POW Range (however, time to attend RSO course is not allotted in the POI). Firearms may not be stored in your vehicle or in on-post lodging facilities. Firearms must be transported in a locked storage container and separate from ammunition in a vehicle compartment, not easily accessible by the driver or passengers. It is unlawful to conceal a weapon on your person or in a vehicle on Fort Leonard Wood, despite Missouri concealed carry provisions. Proper storage and transportation regulations also apply to archery equipment. Please refer to the hunting and fishing link on the Fort Leonard Wood homepage at http://www.wood.army.mil/newweb/garrison/fishing.html for further guidance.

i. The surrounding community extends great support and good will towards Fort Leonard Wood’s permanent part and those that come here to train. Please take time to research the local community prior to your arrival here. Valuable information about local hotels, restaurants and community activities can be found at http://pulaskicountyweb.com/ and http://rollacity.org. Important information about area lodging accommodations, airport shuttle services, and driving directions to Fort Leonard Wood is also located at http://www.ftleonardwood.com.

j. The safety of our students attending training at Fort Leonard Wood is a top priority. It is also important you read and understand the information published by the Fort Leonard Wood Safety Office at http://www.wood.army.mil/safety.

k. The TRADOC environment brings unique challenges which you may encounter either as a student or in future command positions. Because of this, I ask you to review and understand TRADOC Regulation 350-6 prior to your arrival here. This regulation can be found at http://www.tradoc.army.mil/tpubs/regs/r350-6.pdf.

l. Do not have mail forwarded to B Company or CATD, due to the large number of classes and students that attend courses here. It is difficult and not always possible to have mail routed to you in a timely manner while you are a student here and all mail must pass from the Post Office through the mail distribution system here on post.

4. Below are some phone numbers you may find useful.

Post Operator (573) 563-0131

Post Staff Duty (573) 563-6126

BDE Staff Duty (573) 842-8930


FLW Reservations (800) 677-8356

Post Cab (573) 563-0111

FLW MP Desk (573) 563-6141

You may also find useful information or ask questions regarding your PCS or in-processing by utilizing the Bravo Company Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/Bravo.Bulldogs. If your spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend would like information about significant other events that occur please friend the FLW MP CATD Spouses Facebook page.

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