Course Description:

Course number is 7H-F64/830-F24.

The Law Enforcement Senior Leaders Course instructs senior leaders in advanced concepts of managing law enforcement operations. The primary objective of this course is to promote effective and efficient Antiterrorism/ Force Protection/ Law Enforcement mission accomplishment through leadership development.


This course instructs MP and Department of the Army Civilian (DAC) Senior Leaders in managing Law Enforcement Operations, Crisis Management, and Incident Command. Emphasis of the training will encompass managing the law enforcement mission, resourcing, and management of civilian personnel, legal guidelines, special operations, law enforcement intelligence operations, DAC law enforcement, corrections, interoperability with off-post civilian law enforcement, physical security and force protection, crisis management, weapons of mass destruction events, antiterrorism/ force protection, and the National Incident Management System. Throughout the course, each of these topic areas will be addressed in relation to the overall mission of the Military Police Corps' law enforcement mission.


·         Military personnel: Enlisted grades E-8 and E-9

·         Warrant and Commissioned Officers grades O3-O5

·         Civilian GS 11- GS 14

·         Grade Waivers must be submitted for personnel below O3/E-8/GS 11.

·         Grade waiver requests must have strong justification for consideration.

·         Address all exceptions to these prerequisites to: Director of Training & Education (DOT&E), USAMPS, Fort Leonard Wood, MO 65473-8929

·         FEMA Course must be completed and certificates of completion must be turned in prior to attendance to the Course Manager. (See courses below and see contact info under POC block)

·         IS 100.c, Introduction to the Incident Command System.

·         IS 200.c, Basic Incident Command System for Initial Response

·         IS 700.b, An Introduction to the National Incident Management System.

·         IS 800.d, National Response Framework, an Introduction.

*Address exceptions to these prerequisites to the Director of Training & Education (DOT&E), USAMPS, Fort Leonard Wood, MO 65473-8929


·         Principals of LE Management

·         MP Doctrine

·         Manage a Civilian Workforce

·         Legal Considerations

·         Active Threat

·         Police Intelligence Operations

·         Law Enforcement Coordination with Civil Authorities

·         Physical Security

·         Manage Critical Incident Peer Support

·         National Incident Management System

·         IMCOM / DES structure Overview

·         Budget and Resource Management

·         Briefings (MWD / CDID / Fire Department, CID)

·         Capstone Crisis Management Exercise

Class Schedules:

Currently the course is scheduled for ten academic days, 80 hours of instructions,  and will begin on Monday with graduation on Friday of the second week. To get the most up-to-date class schedule for this course, follow these three easy steps at the ATRRS web site:

·         Enter the "Course Number":  7H-F64/830-F24

·         Enter the MP "School Code": 191

·         Click the "Search the ATRRS Course Catalog" button.


The uniform is duty uniform for military personnel and appropriate business casual attire for DA/DOD civilians.


Questions and information concerning this course can be directed to the LESEL Course Manager at (573) 596-0059 or at  Request you put the course name in the subject line as well as your email address and phone number.

Graduation Dates:

Graduation ceremonies will be held on Friday of the second week at approximately 1430 hrs. Due to varying travel times, rental car returns, and heightened security requirements at airports; students should not plan early departures prior to 1830 hours on the day of graduations from either the Springfield or St. Louis airports.

Transportation Issues:

If POV is authorized on your orders, ensure that your orders state: "IN AND AROUND MILEAGE IS AUTHORIZED".

If you desire a rental vehicle you must coordinate with your current command for approval and YOUR ORDERS MUST STATE: "RENTAL VEHICLE IS AUTHORIZED".

Taxi service and on post shuttle buses are available for those students with no POV or rental vehicle.

* Students may be billeted off post up to 25 miles, so rental vehicle authorization is encouraged.

Billeting and Per Diem Issues:

Billeting and Per Diem will be determined on the location of the course. Fort Leonard Wood billeting can be reached Commercial: 573-596-0999 or DSN:581-0999. Coordinate Per Diem issues with your unit prior to course attendance.

Where to Report:

For Fort Leonard Wood in Residence Courses, all students are required to report to Building 2020, Candlewood Suites hotel located at 4990 Nebraska Ave for current in-processing information. In the unlikely event the hotel is closed, students will report to the Installation Operations Center (IOC) Watch Officer located in Headquarters Maneuver Support Center of Excellence (HQ MSCoE), Hoge Hall, building 3200, (573) 563-6126.