Basic Military Police Training Division (BMPTD) 


  • Train and provide disciplined, motivated, physically fit, technically and tactically proficient MP Soldiers, inculcated with the Army values, for assignment to units worldwide, capable of immediately contributing to their unit's mission and able to survive in any environment they might face.

  • Soldiers and Marines receive training in both tactical and garrison law enforcement duties. Subjects include reports and forms, basic law enforcement tasks, unarmed self-defense, responding to incidents, maneuver and mobility support operations and enemy prisoner of war operations. This includes the training of 31B – Military Police Soldier, 31E – Correction and Detention Specialist and 31K – Military Working Dog Handler.

  • Stem Village is named after Brigadier General David H. Stem. BG Stem’s career spanned 27 years, from 1960 to 1987.


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