USAMPS Office of Accreditation and Credentialing and the
International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Training and Standards (IADLEST)

     The USAMPS Office of Accreditation and Credentialing became members of IADLEST in 2010 and as such have worked on behalf of Army law enforcement and recently DOD law enforcement with regards to furthering the partnership with IADLEST and the fifty states peace officer standards and training offices around the country.  This professional network allows us to exchange ideas and experiences regarding standards, certifications, and course development with fellow IADLEST members who face the same challenges.  OAC participates at the IADLEST national training conference, communicates Army and DOD information to the Quarterly Member Newsletter that shares ideas and innovations from national law enforcement standards and training leaders.  OAC has access to a national network linking all U.S. law enforcement training entities including training news and features, assessment and testing strategies, and a forum for inter-Academy query and discussion.  OAC has recently worked to garner access to the national clearinghouse for persons decertified as law enforcement officers for cause, commonly called the National Decertification Index (NDI).  IADLEST also provides access to discussions current on national training issues through our national training calendar, discussion boards, and the national curriculum library.

    Lastly, OAC is working to achieve accreditation with IADLEST in an effort to affirm that USAMPS and the DODPOST are adhering to the highest international standards with regard to police standards and training. This effort also assures we are adhering to national and department requirements, policies, and practices as they relate to standards and training