Course Description:

The CID Special Agent Warrant Officer Advanced course (Phase 1) encompasses leadership, resource management, deliberate risk management, career progression, investigative support functions, intelligence operations, battle analyses, military briefings, and command of CID units in a force projection Army.

The CID Special Agent Warrant Officer Advanced course (Phase 2) encompasses leadership, resource management, problem solving through critical thinking, management of investigations, investigative support functions, knowledge management, a staff ride, and command of CID units in a force projection Army.

Phase 1: Active Army or Reserve component Warrant Officers must have attained the grade of CW2 or above.
Phase 2: Students must have a reservation, or be attending, or be graduated from the CID Special Agent Warrant Officer Advanced course (Phase 1).

Phases 1 and 2 are resident phases taught at the Military Police School, Fort Leonard Wood, MO. All Active Component Soldiers must enroll in Phases 1 and 2 at the same time. Only Reserve Component Soldiers may enroll in one resident phase at a time. This course will be conducted subsequent to the completion of the correspondence course sent to the students from the Warrant Officer Career Center, Fort Rucker, AL.

  • Staff Officer Communication Skills
  • Elements of Writing
  • Contemporary Legal Issues
  • CID Police Intelligence Operations
  • Warrant Officer Career Model
  • Manage Critical Incident Peer Support
  • NCO Development
  • Historical Battle Analysis
  • Manage Major Criminal Investigations
  • Employ Organizational Management
  • Command Philosophy
Special Information:

CAC Cards:
U.S. Military personnel must possess a CAC card with valid security certificates and functional PIN number. You will use your CAC card to access DOD computer systems during training.
WeWebster University Consortium:
Webster University currently offers nine credits towards the Management and Leadership Master's Degree to graduates of the CID WOAC when they enroll in one course during the 5 week WOAC. For more information, go to:


Class Schedules:  

See ATTRS Course: 7-19-C32

Packing Lists/Dress Code:
  •   Current (within 12 months) DoD Cyber Awareness Training Certificate.
  •   Sets of Service Uniform (Multi Camouflage Pattern) for daily training.
  •   Army Service Uniform (females may wear the pants or skirt)
  •   Army Physical Fitness Uniform
  •   Unit issued Government Travel Card
  •   Casual business attire (e.g., Dockers and collared shirt) for evening social event
While attending CID SA WOAC students are assigned to B Company, 701st Military Police Battalion, Fort Leonard Wood, MO 65473.  For information concerning travel or issues not covered on this page, you may contact the course manager at or at commercial telephone number (573) 563-3016.
Transportation Issues:
If your Privately Authorized Vehicle (POV) is authorized on your orders, ensure your orders state "IN AND AROUND MILEAGE IS AUTHORIZED".  If you desire a rental vehicle, you must arrange approval for such through your current command.  If you are authorized a rental vehicle ensure your orders state "RENTAL CAR IS AUTHORIZED".  Shuttle busses and taxis are available however, not before PT commences each morning.  In the event a student is billeted off post, it is recommended the students command authorize a rental vehicle.

Billeting and Per Diem Issues:

Billeting will be scheduled and booked for each student attending WOAC. Issues with billeting upon arrival, please coordinate with the course manager. All attendees of MP WOAC are on a 7 day per-diem government meal rate according to HQDA Message DTG: 211720z Oct 19.

Where to Report:
Upon arrival to Fort Leonard Wood students will check in with Billeting (Bldg #2020, Candlewood Suites) located at the intersection of MP Drive and Nebraska Avenue and receive their room assignments.