ALERTS Contact info

Instructor: Com (573) 563-5635/3031 or DSN 676-5635/3031

 ALERTS Program Manager: (571) 305-4068


ALERTS TDY Information

Units are responsible for providing TDY funds to include per diem for students attending the course (meals and lodging are not provided).

Packing Lists:

  • Each student is required to have the following individual equipment items readily available throughout the training:
    • Seasonal clothing (rain gear, cold weather gear, etc.)

    • Pen/paper for note taking

    • Appropriate duty attire

Transportation Issues:

  • POV - If your POV is authorized on your orders, ensure that your orders state: "IN AND AROUND MILEAGE IS AUTHORIZED".

  • Rental car -  Prior to arrival you must coordinate through your current command for approval. YOUR ORDERS MUST STATE: "RENTAL CAR IS AUTHORIZED" .  On post lodging is subject to availability, rental car approval is encouraged if you must retain a room off post.

  • Public Transportation - There are shuttle buses available and taxi service for those students with no POV or rental car. 

Billeting and Per Diem Issues:

  • Billeting costs and Per Diem for the Fort Leonard Wood area changes frequently (including incidentals).  Check the Per Diem Committee Homepage at: or call/email their listed POCs for exact dollar amounts.  Coordinate Per Diem issues with your unit prior to course attendance.

    Lodging ( Post Billeting ) Off Post Lodging:
    DSN  (573)581-4800 Local hotels
    COMM (573) 586-4800  or  1-800-677-8356