Course L8AZR3P071 0K1A (4 Weeks)

Course Information

This course provides instruction to DOD personnel and international students on the management and supervision of the Military Working Dog Program at the unit and installation level. This training includes transportation requirements for military working dogs and teams; a kennel section's operational responsibilities; resources required to operate a military working dog section; procedures for management of military working dog teams during air base survivability operations; principles of conditioning; procedures for procurement and maintenance requirements of drug training aids; evaluating employment of military working dog teams; proficiency training requirements for a military working dog; procedures for procurement and maintenance requirements of explosive training aids; evaluation and remedial action procedures for military working dog teams; aspects of dog care and instructions on conducting protocol training on a potential detector dog.

Prerequisites IAW AR 190-12

Must be a qualified dog handler (31B ASI Z6) and have 2 years experience
Must meet medical requirements (IAW AR 190-12 & AR 40-501)
Must be in the grade of SGT (E-5) through MSG (E-8)
Must be serving in or be on assignment for the position of Kennel Master, MWD Plans NCO or MWD Training NCO

Pre Arrival

On base lodging is available, prior to arrival students will make billeting reservations at the Gateway Inn (VAQ) at DSN 473-4277 or COMM (210) 671-4277 Email: Students must have a government travel card or be authorized a travel advance prior to departing from their duty station. D Company, 701st MP Battalion CANNOT request a government travel card for students. Students attending the course TDY enroute to their next duty station will have their losing unit or activity keep their government travel card active until 30 days after projected graduation date. Government transportation is not available. Students are responsible for getting themselves to and from class each day, therefore it is recommended students be authorized a rental vehicle on their travel orders. Students that are billeted off the installation may be required to drive up to 25 miles roundtrip in order to attend class. Government dining facilities are available, however, students are not issued meal cards and are charged a daily surcharge rate. Students must have a completed DD Form 1610 when reporting to Lackland AFB, TX for training. D Company CANNOT generate fund sites for travel or per diem.

Duty Uniform

The uniform for class is BDU's. At a minimum, students will bring 4 sets of BDU's, BDU soft cap, beret, and two pair of boots. Wet weather gear is recommended year round and cold weather gear (Gore-Tex/field jacket, polypropylene undergarments, gloves and warm boots) should be brought between the months of September thru April. While in the kennels it is mandatory to wear hearing protection. Students must bring a set of hearing protection with them or they will be required to purchase a set while at the course. PT is conducted three times per week with the Company. The Army PT uniform is required for all PT formations.


All students will arrive one working day prior to the course start date and coordinate with D Company to inprocess (Bldg. 9122, Phone# (210) 671-3981/3982 or DSN 473-3981/3982). If you arrive on the weekend check in at the Gateway Inn (VAQ). Located in the lobby of the Gateway Inn is an information system that will provide contact information and directions to D Company. If you are unable to contact the company or cadre, students will automatically report to Bldg. 9122 at 0630 hrs in PT uniform (no spandex) for inprocessing. If the Soldier is not able to arrive until the first day of the course they should report directly to the classroom in Building 7368 on Lackland AFB where they will receive inprocessing instructions from their instructors. Soldiers must meet height and weight standards IAW AR 600-9. Height and weight measurements will be taken during inprocessing prior to course entry.


Contact D Company at (210) 671-3981/3982 or DSN 473-3981/3982 OR report to the Information Center at the main gate for directions.


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