To provide advanced training to law enforcement personnel in police administration, Army Law Enforcement Reporting Tracking System (ALERTS), law enforcement report writing, the Live Scan Management System (LSMS), the Combined Deoxyribonucleic Acid Index System (CODIS) and informative briefings from agencies associated with law enforcement reporting.



Training will focus on effective report writing skills to improve the quality of cases entered into ALERTS. Additionally training will focus on the advanced functions of user management and capabilities of ALERTS certifying users as system administrators, searching and pulling data from ALERTS for analytical purposes, and case management. Students will further train on the new LSMS and CODIS systems along with receiving detailed briefings from the Family Advocacy Program (FAP), Crimes Record Center (CRC), and the Judge Advocate General (JAG) on current trends, issues and best practices utilized in the field.



Must be law enforcement personnel in positions responsible for law enforcement report case management or administrative support to include desk sergeants, patrol supervisors, DES administrators, police investigator supervisors or DOD equivalents for these positions. Students should possess basic computer skills in Microsoft office suite, basic user knowledge and skills of the ALERTS System. Students must have a final secret clearance, an interim secret security clearance is acceptable, provided the requisite personnel security investigation has been submitted. Written appointment orders as ALERTS System administrators must be provided by the students appointed DES prior to class.


Special Information: This course is funded by OPMG to include materials, contract instructors, student travel and per diem costs.



The objectives of this course are:

      a. Certify basic level ALERTS users to become certified ALERTS system administrators

      b. Train and certify law enforcement personnel on the Live Scan Management System

      c. Train and certify law enforcement personnel on the CODIS collection kit

      d. Inform law enforcement personnel on the trends, issues and best practices utilized by agencies that support the law enforcement mission

      e. Improve law enforcement personnel on writing proper, concise, and informative police reports that will assist in the extraction of analytical data recorded into the ALERTS system.



The course will consist of five day course taught monthly by trained certified USAMPS instructors and guest instructors (where applicable) on advanced police administrator tasks. The course flow and projected schedule (attached) will consist of thirteen lesson plans that focus on fully processing cases in ALERTS from initiation to closing and finalizing the case, populating and maintaining instillations such as adding locations, narrative templates, mapping UCMJ offenses to state statue and other local laws, and many other auto-populating features commonly used in the ALERTS system. Further advanced training on extracting data utilizing Ad Hoc reports and standard reports will be provided.


The course will also train law enforcement personnel on the new automated digital fingerprint capturing system known as Live Scan.  Students will input biographical data into the system, capture fingerprint samples and transmit test records to the DAI that will provide them feedback on the quality of the samples submitted.  Students will also receive training on the CODIS sample kit ensuring that proper procedures are followed to decrease rejected sample records.


Guest instructors from JAG, FAP and CRC will be provided upon request to provide briefings on how their agency provides assistance to law enforcement. If guest instructors are unavailable, USAMPS will provide the briefing. The briefings will consist of trends, issues and best practices utilized in the field that aid in law enforcement reporting. 


The point of contact for this class can be reached at (573) 563-6047, or email here