The Military Police Pre-Command Course is open to officers selected for Bde Command, Bn Command and Division Provost Marshal Positions.  Attendees are also invited to bring their CSMs.

For In-Processing Information and information concerning Fort Leonard Wood, follow the below link:
The course is offered approximately 3 times per year, is in ATRRS as 191-2G-F39 and lasts two weeks.

Administrative Information:
Officers will receive a welcome letter from the Chief, CATD, USAMPS approximately 30 days in advance of the course.

Attendees will receive a copy of the DRAFT course flow for planning purposes about 30 days in advance of the start date.

Security clearance will need to be verified for the IED briefings. Please bring contact info for your current security manager in case there are problems verifying data with JPAS.

Attendees are placed on MTSS-5 for the course. This means that you will be provided a meal card (for Monday through Friday meals) and billeting. You will not collect per diem during the course except for “meals-only” on the weekend. These are TRADOC policies that apply to all personnel attending TRADOC schools in a TDY status. No one at Fort Leonard Wood can grant exceptions to this policy.

Rental cars are not authorized by TRADOC. Your unit can fund a rental car for you but TRADOC will not pay for it.

Lodging arrangements can be made through the FLW lodging office at 1-800-677-8356. If you are an O-6 or O-5(P) please contact the MANSCEN Protocol Office at 573-563-8070 to reserve lodging.

Contact the Chief of CATD or the CATD Operations NCO at 573-563-7625/7838 for questions or course information.