cidbadge.jpgCourse Description:
The Criminal Investigation Division (CID) Special Agent Course (CIDSAC) is a 15-week course taught by the Military Police Investigations Division (MPID), at the U.S. Army Military Police School (USAMPS) and is an accredited course by the Federal Law Enforcement Training Accreditation Board.  All Army students graduating from the course become certified CID Special Agents, providing criminal investigations for the U.S. Army Criminal Investigations Command. All CID Special Agents (military and civilian) are recognized as Federal Agents under Title 28 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Part 60.3a (2).

The CID Special Agent Course (SAC) is a Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) producing course.  Upon successful completion of the CIDSAC course U.S. Army, personnel receive the MOS 31D.



  • Law
  • Criminalistics
  • Crimes Against Persons
  • Crime Scene Processing
  • Economic Crimes
  • Computer Crimes
  • Family Advocacy
  • Interview and Interrogation
  • Drug Suppression

Special Information:

  •  Copy of DOD Information Assurance Awareness Training Certificate:  Students must complete the online DOD Information Assurance Awareness Training course prior to reporting to Fort Leonard Wood.  Training certificates from sister services will be accepted.  The Army site for the Information Assurance  Awareness Training course is

  • CAC Cards: U.S. Military personnel must possess a CAC card with valid security certificates and functional PIN number.  You will use your CAC card to access DOD computer systems during training.

 IAW DOD 6055.4 and AR 385-55, students must possess and present an Accident Avoidance Course (AAC), Defensive Driving Course (DDC), or Driving Improvement Course (DIC) card not older than 4 years.  Students must have a valid civilian drivers license.

NOTE: The Army Accident Avoidance Course (AAAC) has replaced the Defensive Driving Course for US Army Soldiers. In order to access the AAAC, go to the follow the instructions below.


1.     Log on with your AKO credentials (Access and Password).

2.     Type "traffic" in the Catalog Search engine blank and click "Go".

3.     Click "Register" for the course and the system requirements sections and follow the procedures to begin your training.

4.     You must turn off your (Pop Up Blocker) or you will never see the course.

5.     Click "Launch Content"

6.     Click "Army POV 1-3"

7.     If you have any problems and need HELP, do not contact the Ground Safety office but contact the ALMS Help Desk at 1-877-251-0730.

Other service students can use their Service specific Accident Avoidance Course if less than 4 years old.  Students should print out the certificate and bring it with them to class.
Class Schedules: 


Report Date

Start Date

End Date

001-19 14-OCT-18 15-OCT-18 19-FEB-19
002-19 6-JAN-19 7-JAN-19 23-APR-19
003-19 19-FEB-19 20-FEB-19 5-JUN-19
004-19 25-MAR-19 26-MAR-19 12-JUL-19
005-19 22-JUL-19 23-JUL-19 6-NOV-19
006-19 25-AUG-19 26-AUG-19 12-DEC-19
501-19 12-MAY-19 13-MAY-19 29-AUG-19
001-20 8-JAN-20 9=JAN-20 24-APR-20
002-20 27-FEB-20 28-FEB-20 12-JUN-20
003-20 10-MAR-20 11-MAR-20 26-JUN-20
004-20 15-APR-20 16-APR-20 31-JUL-20
005-20 9-JUL-20 10-JUL-20 23-OCT-20
006-20 31-AUG-20 1-SEP-20 18-DEC-20
001-21 3-JAN-21 4-JAN-21 23-APR-21
002-21 23-FEB-21 24-FEB-21 11-JUN-21
003-21 12-APR-21 13-APR-21 30-JUL-21
004-21 16-MAY-21 17-MAY-21 2-SEP-21
005-21 19-JUL-21 20-JUL-21 5-NOV-21
006-21 17-AUG-21 18-AUG-21 10-DEC-21


Packing Lists/Dress Code:
    • (Active Duty Class) 2 suits and ties (for males)/Suits (for females) for one week of training
    • (Reserve Phase II/IV) 1 suit w/tie (for males)/suit (for females) for credential photograph
    • Dress Uniform (ASU, Alphas) � For graduation
    • 4 Sets of Service Uniform for daily training:
      • Army: Service Uniform
      • Marines: Woodland utilities
      • Civilians: Business casual attire
    • Physical training uniform:
      • Active Duty Class: 2 full summer PT uniform and if attending class from September through April you will also need a winter PT uniform
      • Reserve Class: 1 full summer PT uniform and if attending class from September through April you will also need a winter PT uniform
      • Full summer PT uniform includes:
        • Army: Army APFU shorts, short sleeve shirt and white ankle length socks
        • Marines: USMC summer PT uniform
        • Civilians (Who wish to participate in PT): Appropriate short pants and T-shirt
      • Full winter PT uniform includes:
        • Army: APFU short pants, long pants,  long sleeve shirt, jacket, green glove inserts, black leather outer gloves, green fleece APFU cap, and white ankle length socks
        • Marines: USMC winter PT uniform with appropriate head cover and gloves
        • Civilians (Who wish to participate in PT): Appropriate PT attire (Shorts, T-shirt, sweat suit, hat and gloves)
    • All civilians are not required to attend PT but are allowed to attend if they desire
    • Wet weather gear
    • Gortex/field jacket (if attending class from September through April)
      • Black work gloves
      • Other services bring gloves appropriate for wear with you PT and duty uniforms for outdoor training.
    • Business casual clothing for specific training events
    • Cargo style pants and polo shirts for range and unarmed self defense training
    • Light jacket in the summer for range
    • Laptop computer for homework assignments
    •  Civilian clothing should provide for the ability to conceal a sidearm (training weapon)
  • Unit issued Government Travel Card with a minimum $5,000.00 in available funds
While attending CIDSAC students are assigned to B Company, 701st Military Police Battalion, Fort Leonard Wood, MO 65473.  For information concerning travel or issues not covered on this page, you may contact the course manager at
Transportation Issues:
If your Privately Authorized Vehicle (POV) is authorized on your orders, ensure your orders state "IN AND AROUND MILEAGE IS AUTHORIZED".  If you desire a rental vehicle, you must arrange approval for such through your current command.  If you are authorized a rental vehicle ensure your orders state "RENTAL CAR IS AUTHORIZED".  Shuttle busses and taxis are available however, not before PT commences each morning.  In the event a student is billeted off post, it is recommended the students command authorize a rental vehicle.

Billeting and Per Diem Issues:
Billeting and Per Diem will be determined on the location of the course. Ft. Leonard Wood billeting can be reached Commercial: 573-596-0999 or DSN:581-0999. Coordinate Per Diem issues with your unit prior to course attendance.

Where to Report:
Upon arrival to Fort Leonard Wood students will check in with Billeting (Bldg #2020, Candlewood Suites) located at the intersection of MP Drive and Nebraska Avenue and receive their room assignments. You will obtain a welcome letter containing specific reporting instructions pertaining to the specific course you are attending.