About our Partnerships



DODPOST and Our Partners. 

DOD law enforcement and security enjoy several professional partnerships with other federal, state and local organizations endeavoring to protect, assist and defend those who train and prepare for our nations interest all around the world.  Further, partnerships with some of the top civilian law enforcement, security and investigations certification agencies also add to our well-rounded professionals that do all these missions at home and on our nations chosen battlefields.  These partnerships also include our professionals from the National Guard and US Army Reserves, who are many times top specialist in their respective fields at the civilian jobs.  

Continue to Grow and Evolve

Law Enforcement, Security, Corrections, and Criminal Investigations have grown to provide DOD expertise in Forensics, Digital Forensics, Advanced Interviews and Interrogation Techniques, Domestic Abuse Investigations, Protective Services, Active Shooter Response and a host of other related specialties.  Our growth comes from experience in peacetime and battlefield law enforcement operations.

Where do we focus our Law Enforcement Training? 

All four of our military services and five civilian police agencies are able to train and educate their officers in many areas:  Active Shooter, special victims capabilities, intelligence-led policing, special reaction teams, police sniper, narcotics detection dog teams, domestic violence investigations, physical security Inspectors, protective service agents, misdemeanor investigations, child abuse investigations, explosive detection dog teams, antiterrorism officers, advanced crime scene analysts, antiterrorism and evasive driving for most senior leaders. conservation officers, patrol explosive detection dog team (off-leash), to name a few.  Our Staff and Faculty at our DOD approved LE Academies enjoy having some of the best professionals in their respective fields, Forensic Science, Child Interviews, Forensic Autopsies, Special Agents, Investigators, Polygraphy, and advanced Interview techniques.

Our Professionals Enjoy Some of the highest Certifications. 

Our Army Corrections Academy offers the opportunity for personnel to gain certification through the American Correctional Association (ACA) for Certified Corrections Officer, Certified Corrections Supervisor, Certified Corrections Manager and Certified Corrections Executive.  The American Society for Industrial Security (aka ASIS) provides opportunities for our Army law enforcement officers, investigators and special agents in areas of Certified Investigators, Certified Protection Professionals, etc.  Further, our Army personnel have the opportunity to gain certification through the International Association for Identification (IAI), for Crime Scene Investigator, Crime Scene Analyst, Senior Crime Scene Analyst, Forensic Photography and Blood Stain Pattern Analysts.