Q: How long do I have to complete all four phases of MPCCC-RC?

A: IAW AR 350-1, the MPCCC-RC follows a 13 month model which includes two 15-day resident periods, and 11 months for completing branch-specific DL phases. See attached LOI and Course Considerations memorandum for additional information.

Q: How do I register for RC-CCC (Prerequisite) or MP-CCC (RC) Phase 3 (Distance Learning)?

A: See attached LOI for directions for each phase. NOTE; Students have 11 months from registration to complete Distance Learning phases.

Q: How do I get credit for RC-CCC (Prerequisite) or MP-CCC (RC) Phase 3 (Distance Learning)/ graduate in ATRRS?

A: The Course manager(s) monitor students' progress in ALMS and Blackboard. On a weekly basis, DTMS is updated to "graduate" and reflect students who have completed Distance Learning. ATRRS receives the information from DTMS. NOTE: For RC-CCC, certificates are produced by ALMS for use in EBDL compensation, and ATRRS should automatically update. For phase 3, blackboard will automatically generate a certificate and course administrators will update graduation status on ATRRS. Contact the course administrator if your ATRRS record has not been updated within 30 days or if circumstances require expediting.

Q: How far in advance do I need to complete the preceding distance learning phase?

A: The preceding distance learning phase should be completed no later than two weeks prior to attending subsequent phases. You must complete with distance learning RC-CCC in order to graduate from Phase II. You must be complete with distance learning phase III in order to graduate from phase IV and receive a 1059.

Q: I am a branch qualified officer complete with another branch Captains' Career Course. How do I branch transfer to the Military Police Corps Regiment?

A: See attached Branch Transfer Policy.

Q: Will I take an APFT / height / weight during Phase II or Phase IV?

A: During Phase II, APFT and HT/WT will be conducted at 0500 on Day 1 of the course. Failures will be immediately dropped from the course; there will be no retests. During Phase IV, HT/WT will be conducted for all students, and any students outside the 13-month window due to an approved exemption will conduct an APFT.

Q: I have a temporary profile. Can I still attend either resident phase?

A: Students with a temporary medical duty limiting profile are not authorized to enroll in MPCCC-RC. Exceptions are granted on a case-by-case basis and require review and approval by the Chief of CATD.

Q: Is there a graduation? If so, what is the uniform?

A: A graduation ceremony will be held at the conclusion of Phase IV only. The uniform for the graduation ceremony is the Army Service Uniform with slacks (both male and female), low quarters, and four-in-hand tie (male).

Q: What if I fail to achieve course standards?

A: Procedures for processing a student for failure to achieve course standards can be found in the MPCCC-RC Individual Student Assessment Plan (ISAP), under the ”Policy Letters and Standards” tab

Q: What is the DTS travel guidance for attending Phase II and Phase IV?

A: Schedule travel to arrive NLT 1800 hrs on the course report date. It is the student's responsibility to make lodging reservations and travel arrangements. Fort Leonard Wood is under Military Training Service Support (MTSS) Systems, wherein meals and billeting / rooms are provided at no cost to the Soldier or the unit. Fort Leonard Wood lodging can be reached at 1-800-677-8356 or

All students will verify meal code status with B Co, 701st MP BN, on Day 1 of the course, that will allow them to eat in the dining facility Monday through Friday. Students should maintain a copy of their orders or 1610 travel authorization to present to dining facility staff upon request. Students should receive full per diem on weekends and federal holidays. Rental cars are recommended subject to unit funding. Training will conclude on the final day of the course not later than 1300 unless specified elsewhere. The Saint Louis-International Airport is approximately 2.5 hours and the Springfield Airport is approximately 1.5 hours from Fort Leonard Wood. Star Shuttle operates an airport shuttle service daily between Fort Leonard Wood and Lambert-St. Louis, phone: 800-596-7584. USA Express operates an airport shuttle service daily between Fort Leonard Wood and Lambert-St. Louis, phone: 800-872-9399. A Greyhound bus schedule can be obtained from the USO at the airport. Taxi service is available. A POV or rental vehicle for in and around transportation is advisable. Billeting is not co-located with the training locations.