Missouri LETI-Animal Cruelty Investigations

ACI is a three-day course which focuses on animal abuse laws, animal body condition scoring, biosecurity and zoonosis, officer survival and animal handling, the link between animal abuse and DV/CA, animal abuse crime scene investigations, case building, working with other agencies, and communication skills in addition to other pertinent blocks. Although animal cruelty is a crime under the UCMJ, it is an area of criminal investigations that is often overlooked, but one that can help influence investigations into other crimes as well as hold offenders accountable. This course is open to all MPs, MPI, CID Agents, Military Police instructors, veterinarian personnel, and select FAP/DAVA personnel. This course is taught as a residence course at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO.

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Course Manager:

Dr. Nicole Cunningham




FY 23 Class Dates (Resident)

01-23     07 Dec – 09 Dec 2022

02-23     08 Mar – 10 Mar 2023

03-23     07 Jun – 09 Jun 2023

04-23     16 Aug – 18 Aug 2023


FY 24 Class Dates (Resident)

TBD – please contact the course manager