By Lt. Col. Jason M. Taylor, Director Provost Marshal

A Message about Speeding on Fort Meade

To the Community of Fort Meade,


               Over the last couple of weeks, the Fort Meade Directorate of Emergency Services has received a number of complaints related to speed on the Installation. Many of these concerns were directly related to housing areas, and the passing of walking or running pedestrians. On 1 October 2020, I personally witnessed an individual traveling down Mapes road in excess of 50 MPH. As a result, I have directed Law Enforcement personnel to increase speed enforcement, and to ticket every speeder that is stopped. This order means that I have removed officer discretion, and if you are stopped, you will receive a citation. It is my intent should excessive speeding continue to recommend suspension of driving privileges for individuals that receives multiple citations, or directly endanger the lives of pedestrians with their speed and/or inattentive driving. Please for the welfare of everyone within our community, slow down and pay attention.