As part of our commitment to honoring the extraordinary dedication of individuals who have actively promoted Americanism and patriotism within their communities, AFSA Chapter 254 takes pride in introducing the inaugural "Mark Hamilton Spirit" annual base award for the year 2023.

The award is named in honor of former AFSA chapter 254 President Mark Hamilton. The AFSA chapter 254 Mark Hamilton Spirit Award is an Americanism and Patriotism Excellence Award that is presented annually to recognize and celebrate the remarkable efforts of individuals who have demonstrated exceptional dedication to promoting Americanism and a profound sense of patriotism within their communities.

This award is open to Active Duty, Guard/Reserve military members from all branches, DoD civilians, veterans, or dependents who have exhibited an unwavering commitment to the core values that define the essence of Americanism and patriotism.

INCLUSIVE DATE: The period of service from the Award is 01 January 2023 - 31 December 2023

DUE: 8 December 2023

CRITERIA: Nominations for the AFSA Chapter 254 Mark Hamilton Award may be submitted by peers, superiors, or members of the community who have been inspired and positively impacted by the nominee's contributions to Americanism and patriotism. Nominators are tasked with the responsibility of submitting nominations for this AFSA Chapter 254 Award. Utilizing the provided 1206 template, nominators will present their endorsements in single-paragraph narrative format, encompassing a maximum of 450 words with no change to font or alignment . Within this narrative, they must answer the pivotal question: "How has this member's actions and contributions promoted Americanism and a sense of patriotism within the community, and what specific initiatives or projects have they been involved in that reflect these values?"

PRESENTATION: Award recipient will receive a certificate, a trophy, and a special gift from AFSA Chapter 254, in addition to the opportunity for a photo op with our Public Affairs (PA) team.

HOW TO APPLY/SUBMIT: Complete this Nomination Form and send to and