by Angie Streets, Fort Meade Public Affairs Office

Sgt. David Powers and other members of the Fort Meade Security Forces participated in CPR training at McGill Training Center at Fort George G. Meade on September 28, 2021.

Unsung Heroes Always On Guard at Fort Meade

Don’t underestimate the faces behind the genuine smiles and cheerful greetings by the Fort George G. Meade Security Forces team. 

They are highly skilled and well-trained professionals poised and ready to protect and defend the Fort Meade infrastructure and members of the community.

 They serve as the Guardians of the Gate to organizations whose missions are critical to National Security. 

Who are the gate guards?        

The Chief of Guards, Robert Henry, is a Soldier at heart and military veteran who is committed to his profession and those he serves. 

Henry, a passionate leader who leads by example, genuinely cares for his team, and is a staunch disciplinarian, but is also quick to reward and recognize the good work of his team members. 

Knowing that leaders care, enhances the loyalty and commitment of each member of his team.  

“The Fort Meade Security Guards are the best guard force in the United States,” said Chief Robert Henry.

Henry says that it is a privilege to lead a group of professionals who share his passion for service to the nation. 

The security forces at Fort Meade are made up of 98% military veterans who were called to service to defend this community in a different uniform, with the same commitment to support the mission.  

Henry is passionate about supporting the Veteran’s Recruitment Program (VRA) and is always seeking military veterans who are interested in joining his team of professionals.

Trained and Ready

Ensuring a holistically trained security force, guards must successfully complete physical, mental, occupational and  legal training including unarmed self-defense; active shooter; felony stops; gate runners; weapons qualifications; first aid and CPR; and customer service training to enhance their daily interactions with the customer.

In an ongoing initiative to ensure guards are trained and equipped for every contingency.

 Members of the Fort Meade Staff Judge Advocate team conducted an informative and interactive discussion on October 5, 2021, on vehicle inspections and legal procedures regarding search and seizures pursuant to the Fourth Amendment.  

The 24 guards in attendance participated in the discussion while sharing their personal experiences relating to the subject.

“The Security Forces team is the first line of defense for the installation,” stated Capt. Bartley Donaho, chief of military justice for the Fort Meade Staff Judge Advocate.

Another regular part of guard training is conducting drills at the gates.

A security drill that could appear as an inconvenience to the public are called Hammer Drills which are conducted to practice gate shutdown procedures so guards can train to instinctively react in cases of emergencies and breaches at the gates.

These drills last for two minutes and also ensure the maintenance of barriers and their proper operations. 

Approaching the Gate

Security Forces would rather be overly cautious than risk a breach to the installation.

Here are some things to remember to ensure a positive experience at the gate: Every ID check is treated as a traffic stop; Have your I.D. cards ready to present to the guards before driving up to the gate; remove sunglasses so your face is visible; pay attention to the signs that are posted at the gate, follow the instructions of the guards, and do not argue with them. 

If you have a dispute, ask for the supervisor on location, and last but not least, respect and courtesy go both ways. 

The safety and security of Fort Meade is a commitment by everyone who lives and works on the Installation. 

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