By Chad Jones, Fort Meade Public Affairs

Jibber Jabber

Back in the Groove!


Finally … The Jibber has come back to the Jabber!

Even with COVID pulling its best Punxsutawney Phil by turning every day into Groundhog’s Day -- Mask-Distance-Wash-Repeat -- a lot has changed since I dispensed your last dose of Jibber on June 25th.

At Fort Meade, COL Chris Nyland took over as our Garrison Commander, traffic is picking up, and our historic Soundoff gave way to Digital Meade.

Beyond our fence line … things are pretty much the same except, SPORTS ARE BACK!

Baseball’s been strong with both the Tigers and hometown Orioles still in the playoff hunt. The NHL and NBA bubbles have been really good – LeBron’s game three versus Houston on Tuesday was straight up beast mode. 

In tennis, the U.S. Open is raging like Novak Djokovic after a mistake.

They even ran the Kentucky Derby last week.

Of course none of the above could shake me from my post-Soundoff Corona haze, but I’m back at my keyboard now because THE SPORT is finally back

That’s right, the NFL kicks off this week, which means it’s time for my 12th annual NFL Predictions. 

Unlike previous years, this year’s version is going to be streamlined for digital viewing. I also wanted an extra paragraph or two to talk about Colin Kaepernick’s 81-rating in Madden 21.

Don’t get me wrong, recent history has proven Kap’s stance for social justice was right, and the NFL did him dirty, but let’s be real. Kap was a 77 overall in 2017 because he was a decent quarterback who had played his way onto the bench. Now, after three years of forced inactivity, he’s somehow the 15th best QB in the virtual league?

Let’s just call it what it is: PC getting mucked in with our PCs, or whatever gaming system you use. 

On to the NFC:

NFC West: San Francisco -- Seattle (WC) -- LA Rams – Arizona

Key Takeaway: Russell Wilson is the best QB not named Mahomes and the best leader not named Brady. So, San Fran will likely win the division, but Seattle will make the deepest run in the west.

NFC South: New Orleans – Tampa – Atlanta -- Carolina

Key Takeaway: Brady is the GOAT, but his time has passed.  New Orleans is a better team, and I’m not just saying that because our new commander is a Saints’ fan.

NFC North: Green Bay – Minnesota – Detroit – Chicago

Key Takeaway: Drafting Jordan Love may have been the best thing for Aaron Rodgers’ career. The Pack’s defense is pretty stout as well.

NFC East: Dallas – Philadelphia (WC) – NY Giants – Washington

Key Takeaway:. The Eagles and Cowboys will benefit from having two scrubs in their division. FYI, only Washington could come up with something as lame as “The Washington Football Team.”

NFC Championship game: Seattle VS Dallas


AFC West: Kansas City – Oakland – Denver—LA Chargers

Key Takeaway: Patrick Mahomes could win this pathetic division with Andy Reid, three offensive linemen and two linebackers.

AFC South: Indianapolis – Houston (WC) -- Tennessee – Jacksonville

Key Takeaway: Phillip Rivers has one good run left in him, and I’m sorry, but I’ll never take Ryan Tannehill over Deshaun Watson.

AFC North: Baltimore – Pittsburgh (WC) – Cleveland – Cincinnati

Key Takeaway: If Kap is an 81 in Madden, then Lamar Jackson is a 110. Unfortunately nothing will matter until he wins a playoff game.

AFC East: Buffalo – New England – NY Jets – Miami

Key Takeaway: “The Hoodie” without Brady will look a lot like the coach who got fired in Cleveland.

AFC Championship game: Baltimore VS Kansas City

Super Bowl: Dallas VS Baltimore

Winner: A lot of things may have changed since COVID, but one thing that hasn’t is me picking the Cowboys to win the Super Bowl.

If you have any questions about this or anything to do with sports, send an e-mail to or hit me up on Instagram @CTJibber