By Maya Jordan, Fort meade public affairs

Asymmetric Warfare Group holds Change of Responsibility Ceremony

Command Sgt. Maj. Brian A. Disque relinquished his position as the senior enlisted advisor to the commander of the Asymmetric Warfare Group during a small private change of responsibility ceremony, Aug 26. Command Sgt. Maj. Jackson D. Perry accepted his new position as the AWG senior enlisted advisor during the ceremony.

Prior to the change of responsibility ceremony, Disque was presented with the Legion of Merit Award by Col. Scott A. Shaw, AWG commander.

“Today marks another chapter in AWG history as we say farewell to Command Sgt. Maj. Brian Disque and install Sgt. Maj. Jackson Perry as our seventh and likely last sergeant major,” said Shaw. “When I met Sgt. Maj. Disque he told me that he came to AWG because he had great experiences as the Company 1st Sgt. in some of the hottest areas in Baghdad during a surge with two AWG members. He said ‘those two guys have no idea how many lives they have saved.’”

Shaw commended Disque’s leadership, service and his ability to bring talented Soldiers to AWG as a small and mighty group.

Disque reflected on his time in command and thanked his family for their support and highlighted AWG’s diverse number one resource – its people.

“One of the themes we’ve learned about is leadership through hard times or when or unit or anything is experiencing hard times,” said Disque. “During adversity that is the time we need the most leadership.”

Before closing his remarks Disque thanked his team, leadership from the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command family and friends.

“You don’t make it through 20-something years in the Army without good friends and a family,” said Disque. “And for that … I really appreciate it. Thank you for always being there for me.”

Disque will take over as command sergeant major of the Area Support Group in Kuwait on his next assignment.

 “I want to thank Col. Shaw for the confidence and privilege to continue to serve in AWG,” said Perry, as he became the group’s 7th command sergeant major in its short but significant unit history.

Perry was previously the Research and Analysis Sergeant Major for the ‘Dog Squadron’. In traditional Army units, the Dog Squadron would be similar to a battalion-level unit of a brigade.

“So if I would’ve predicted last year how 2020 would go, I would’ve not been very close,” said Perry. “This was not on my radar.

“Most of the things that happened in the previous 12 months were not on my radar. That being said, in a completely uncertain world if there is one team I want to be on, it’s our team here at AWG.

“I think the level of professionalism, the level of the ability to adapt to certain circumstances and [the] people are high quality contractors, Soldiers and Civilians,” said Perry. “[They provide me] every single day the confidence to face that uncertainty.”