The Plans, Analysis, and Integration Office is the garrison commander's advisor and focal point for strategy execution, situational awareness and operational and management performance for the installation. The office oversees and integrates action plans across the garrison enterprise into one dynamic, robust strategic action plan while integrating sustainability throughout the installation. PAIO provides oversight in areas such as the Installation Planning Board, the Strategic Management System, Installation Status Report, Customer Management Services, Army Communities of Excellence and Army Stationing. These programs promote strategic execution, operational awareness and continuous process improvement to ensure the services we provide exceed our customers' expectations on and off the installation. 

The PAIO team of Management and Program Analysts are responsible for conducting installation strategic planning, providing information management support, and performance evaluation of base operations, essential services, and programs in support of Fort Meade service members, families, civilians, and retirees.

The Planning Integration Branch of the Plans Analysis and Integration Office serves as the coordinator for garrison base operation programs and advisor to the director of PAIO on the development of the Installation Strategic Plan. The Planning Branch gives oversight on garrison development and execution of action plans in support of the IMCOM Strategic Plan. A key responsibility of this branch is identifying installation and organizational capabilities for analysis in order to enhance them as a means for supporting continuing Army transformation. Another component of the Planning Branch is Base Realignment and Closure, which analyzes emerging stationing/re-stationing implications as necessary.

Embracing the management principles embedded in the Army Performance Improvement Criteria that define the Army communities of excellence, the Planning Branch develops and orchestrates the implementation of the garrison strategic plan, which sets the overarching focal point for the installation’s strategic future.

Serving as the installation’s operation arm of the garrison commander, PAIO ensures the successful and timely delivery of various installation initiatives (i.e. development of working groups such as the Customer Relationship Working Group and handling all aspects of the semi-annual senior leadership conferences).

The Planning Branch integrates and frames for consideration the concerns and priorities of garrison and installation stakeholders.

Planning Integration Programs

  • IMCOM iLab
    • (CAC credentials required)
  • Installation Strategic Planning
  • Army Stationing and Installation Plan
  • Installation Planning Board
  • Standard Garrison Organization

The Management Analysis Branch of the PAIO serves as the analytical arm of the Garrison Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan is executed to ensure business process improvement and accountability across the installation. We analyze process improvements and measure performance metrics to provide a sound Installation Strategic Plan. PAIO ensures accuracy and works with garrison staff to resolve execution and implementation issues. The Management Branch establishes a formal process and reviews it periodically to evaluate business initiatives to ensure alignment with the IMCOM Strategic Plan.

Management Programs

Unit Stationing Requests