George Matthews, Employment Assistance Program supervisor for Army Community Service, gives an overview of the resources offered by ACS during the spouse employment seminar on November 1, 2022, at McGill Training Center. Attendees of the seminar were provided additional information on certifications available, including those in the information technology, healthcare, and human resources fields. (U.S. Army photo by Jasmyne Ferber/Fort Meade Public Affairs)

By Jasmyne Ferber, Fort George G. Meade Public Affairs

FORT GEORGE G. MEADE, Md. – Army Community Service offered free training and certification resources to active duty, military, reserve, and veteran spouses during an employment seminar today at the McGill Training Center Ballroom.

During the seminar, attendees learned about free training, educational and employment resources, fully funded internship opportunities, resume writing and review assistance, job skills workshops and information on upcoming career fairs and employment events.

George Matthews, the employment assistance program supervisor for ACS, believes military and veteran spouses are an important demographic that is often overlooked due to the emphasis placed on the military service member.

“However, we know from numerous studies that the mindset and resiliency of spouses plays a big role in the decision a family makes to stay in or not stay in,” Matthews said. “The reality is that the care and employment of spouses are contributors to combat readiness just like the training ability and capabilities of the military service member.”

Representatives from Howard County Community College and Anne Arundel Community College were in attendance and provided additional information on certifications available, including those in the information technology, healthcare, and human resources fields.

In December 2021, Fort Meade Garrison, Anne Arundel Workforce Development Corporation, and the Howard County Office of Workforce Development signed a memorandum of agreement to assist transitioning service members, military spouses, and veterans at Fort Meade.  

Denise Bourdeaux, a program manager with AAWDC, said a part of this agreement is working with ACS to host quarterly workforce events that bring together subject matter experts to share information about specific careers and certifications.

“The unemployment and underemployment rate for military spouses continues to be on the rise,” Bourdeaux said. “Our goal is to help all participants to start, transition, and advance their career.”

Matthews believes the greatest part about this seminar is that it allowed participants to explore different career fields that they might not have known existed.

“One of the things I discovered leaving the military was that I was so narrowly focused, I didn’t have a really good sense of all the kind of jobs out there. Neither do our spouses,” Matthews said. “A part of this process is to get folks to think beyond what they initially see.”

ACS plans to hold their next employment seminar virtually in February 2023.

Those who are interested in receiving more information on employment resources and upcoming events can contact Matthews at